What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of 5G?

5G is the next wireless network in telecom industry which will be benefiting a wide range of people from student to professionals like doctors, engineers and teachers. We take a look at the advantages of this new next in line network and also its disadvantages.

5G Advantages

The advantage of 5G is its significantly faster speed than the traditional 4G LTE paving the path for a fully connected world. Productivity and efficiency will be increased, with a theoretical download speed of 10,000 Mbps. It will allow more complex apps and process to be done with less hardware.

5G advantage

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Its more effective and efficient and is more easily manageable than the previous networks. Also, it carries the technology to gather all networks in a platform and support for heterogeneous services like a private network.

Paul Gainham, senior director, SP Marketing EMEA at Juniper Networks said “Current 4G mobile standards have the potential to provide 100s of Mbps. 5G offers to take that into multi-gigabits per second, giving rise to the ‘Gigabit Smartphone’ and hopefully a slew of innovative services and applications that truly need the type of connectivity that only 5G can offer,”

5G Disadvantages

Like any other network,5G has its own set of disadvantages. Greater speed will mean more power and connect everything in the network could put us at risk of overcrowding the frequency range. Also, there is a question of security when especially when your household objects are connected online.

Also, the greatest drawback is it will need new hardware, and hence it will render all old smartphones incompetent. So your old 4G smartphone isn’t going to work, and you have no other option than to buy a 5G smartphone.

Of course, these issues are likely to be fixed before 5G comes to the market.

Comparing these, the advantages of the 5G network outweigh the disadvantages by a huge margin. 5G may be the next big thing in the telecom world, and it will be completely changing the way we use our devices and network together.

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