How to Add Folder in Start Menu Next to Windows 11 Power Button

If you click on the start menu in Windows 11, then at the bottom, we will see the profile and the power button for shutting down and restarting the PC. This area seems empty, and Microsoft has provided this nuance by allowing specific frequently used folders to be added to the bottom side of ​​the Start menu.

You can add Documents, Downloads, Videos, Photos, Music, File Explorer, Settings, and Network to the power button area of ​​the Windows 11 Start menu. Let’s see how to do this.

Add Folder in Start Menu Next to Windows 11

Steps to add Folder to Windows 11 Start Menu near Power Button

  1. You need to go to Settings (press Win + I keys) to open Settings.
  2. Now head over to Personalization > Start > Folders.
  3. Enable the folders you want to display next to the power button in the start menu.

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