Amazon Prime Video Black Screen with Sound: How to Fix?

One of the most popular streaming services, Amazon Prime Video, allows you to watch movies, TV shows, and more. However, many users have reported an irritating issue where the video goes to a black screen, but the audio keeps playing. This black screen with sound problems affects various devices like smart TVs, streaming sticks, game consoles, and more.

If you are facing this frustrating Black Screen with a Sound problem on your TV while trying to watch Amazon Prime Video, don’t worry. Here are some troubleshooting tips and fixes you can try out to resolve the issue on your own without waiting for Amazon support.

Amazon Prime Black Screen with Sound on TV: What to Do?

Check Your Internet Connection

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The first thing you should check is your internet connection. Video streaming requires a stable, fast internet connection to play properly without buffering or errors. Ensure your Wi-Fi or broadband connection is strong in the room where your TV is located.

Try moving your Wi-Fi router closer to the TV or connect the TV directly to the router via ethernet cable. This will provide the strongest and most reliable internet signal. Restart your router and modem as well to refresh the connection. Check if other internet uses, like loading web pages, are quick without lag. Slow, unstable internet can manifest as the Amazon Prime Video black screen with audio issues.

Update Your App and Restart Devices

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Another reason for the black screen with sound could be outdated applications and device software. Apps like Amazon Prime Video on your smart TVs, streaming devices, and consoles need regular app updates for fixes and compatibility improvements.

Go to the app store on your device and check for any available updates for Amazon Prime Video. Download and install the latest version. Also, ensure your TV, streaming device, or game console is updated to the latest firmware. Look for system software updates and install them. Finally, shut down and restart your TV or connected device. This will clear any cached data causing problems. Updating to the latest versions and restarting can often resolve app glitches like the black screen error.

Adjust HDMI, Cables and Connections


Problems with HDMI ports, loose connections, and faulty cables can also manifest as the Amazon Prime Video black screen with audio issues.

First, ensure all HDMI cables connecting your devices to the TV, like streaming sticks or game consoles, are inserted properly. Remove and re-insert the HDMI connections to ensure they are tight.

Loose connections can cause signal loss, leading to a black screen. Try swapping the HDMI cables for new ones in case they have become faulty. Also, connect your device to a different HDMI port on the TV to check if a particular port is problematic.

Connect another source, like your cable box or Blu-ray player, to the same HDMI port to verify the port is working correctly. Check your TV settings to ensure the correct HDMI input is selected for the connected device.

Allow App Permissions and Check Restrictions

The Amazon Prime Video app needs certain permissions to function properly, like access to storage, display over other apps, etc. If certain permissions are disabled, it can manifest as a black screen with an audio issue.

Go to your device settings and find the app permissions for Amazon Prime Video. Ensure all necessary permissions, like media access, display over other apps, background playback, etc, are enabled.

Also, check if any app restrictions are blocking Prime Video. Sometimes, parental control settings, screen time limits, or download restrictions can affect streaming capability and cause black screen problems.

Clear Cache and Data of App

Over time, the cache and data of the Prime Video app can get corrupted, causing conflicts that result in a black screen with audio.

To fix this, clear the cache and app data. Go to device settings > apps > Amazon Prime Video > Clear Cache and Clear Data on Android TV or Firestick. Open app settings in Prime Video > on smart TVs, clear cache, and reset the app.

This will wipe any problematic temporary files and refresh the app. Re-open Prime Video and sign back in. Check if the black screen issue is now fixed.

Adjust Video Resolution Settings

display setting

The Amazon Prime Video black screen sometimes occurs due to incorrect or incompatible video resolution settings.

Go into your device’s and TV’s video settings and lower the default resolution. Set it to 720p or even 480p rather than full HD 1080p and 4K. Also, adjust the TV display mode to 16:9 or automatic/native mode.

Make sure the video resolution matches the native resolution specs of your TV. Setting incorrect or unsupported video resolutions can result in a black screen. Adjusting the resolution and display settings can help resolve this problem.

Disable HDR if Unsupported

Newer smart TVs and streaming devices support HDR for improved brightness and vivid color. However, if your TV is only HD and does not support HDR capability, enabling HDR can cause black screen problems.

Check your TV specs, and if it does not support HDR, go into video settings on your streaming device and turn off HDR. Disable HDR10 and HDR10+ options. Set the video to SDR/standard mode. This will prevent video signal incompatibility that leads to black screens.

Factory Reset Your Device

factory reset of lg tv

Consider a factory reset of your streaming media player or smart TV if all else fails. This will clear any corrupted software issues, bad app data, caching problems, or firmware bugs causing the annoying Prime Video black screen.

On streaming sticks and Android TV boxes, go to device settings > reset and perform a factory reset. This will wipe the device and re-install the OS and apps. Power off and disconnect all cables on smart TVs, press and hold buttons to access the service menu, and select factory reset everything.

Factory resetting your device will remove the corrupted data causing the black screen issue as a last resort. Make sure to back up your data and apps before resetting. Reinstall Prime Video after and re-link your account to enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

Contact Amazon Prime Video Support

If you have tried all the above steps and fixes but are still facing the black screen with the audio issue, your last option is to contact Amazon Prime Video support. Explain the problem in detail, and they will help troubleshoot further based on your specific device setup.

You can contact Prime Video customer service online via chat or phone call. Support agents can suggest additional advanced troubleshooting steps for your device and TV model. They may be able to identify if it’s a larger technical issue on Amazon’s end.

Consider Switching Devices

In some rare cases, the issue may be hardware-related, and the problem persists due to a faulty device that needs replacing. If you have tried all other steps, changing your streaming media player or TV may ultimately fix the Prime Video black screen frustration for good.

Consider upgrading to a newer model smart TV or modern 4K streaming stick. Newer hardware with better technical specs can often resolve persistent software issues on older devices. Evaluate your options and switch devices to enjoy flawless Prime Video streaming without annoying black screens ruining your entertainment experience.


Here are the key troubleshooting steps to fix the Amazon Prime Video Black Screen with Sound issue:

  • Check your internet connection speed and stability
  • Update to the latest app version and firmware and restart
  • Check cables, HDMI ports, and connections
  • Allow app permissions and remove restrictions
  • Clear cache and app data
  • Adjust video resolution and disable HDR if unsupported
  • Factory reset device to re-install OS and apps
  • Contact Amazon Prime Video support
  • Consider replacing faulty/incompatible device

Following these fixes and troubleshooting steps will help resolve the frustrating black screen with sound issues. You can enjoy smooth HD or 4K streaming on Amazon Prime Video without problems. Perfect pictures and sound immerse you in your favorite movies and shows. Just be persistent in applying the various solutions, and you can permanently eliminate the annoying black screen glitch.

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