AT&T 5G: Plans, Supported Phones & Rollout Cities

AT&T was the first among its competitors to roll out 5G across the United States. Now it is planning to be the largest 5G network provider in the country. Here we will discuss everything about AT&T 5G such as its plans, rollout cities, supported phones and more. So keep reading the article till the end.

AT&T 5G Covered Cities

Initially, AT&T started providing 5G network services to 12 cities of the US, following on which on 9th of April, seven more cities were also included in the list. Now AT&T alone provides 5G to 19 cities in total, which is more than any of its competitor can claim. The nineteen cities under the AT&T’s list include Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Louisville, Oklahoma City, New Orleans, Raleigh, San Antonio, Waco, Texas, Austin, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose.

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Supported 5G Phones & Other Devices

Even though the service is quite widespread now, still the unavailability of smartphones with support for AT&T 5G network remains a significant concern. For now, the only user’s enjoying the 5G services of AT&T are doing by installing the mobile hotspot, Netgear’s Nighthawk. AT&T has claimed that this hotspot device has helped many businesses which require a massive amount of data transfer. For a more mobile approach though, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G is revealed to be the first AT&T available 5G device. The due date for S10 5G is said to be 16th of May, but the initial launch date is exclusive to Verizon only. AT&T will have to wait for a while as there are no fixed nows on a date for AT&T.

Along with with the S10, another 5G Samsung device and an unnamed is said to come through AT&T. This another Samsung device will most probably be the Samsung Note 10. This unnamed Samsung device is said to come with support for AT&T broader network coverage, which the company plans to do so by late 2020.

How fast will AT&T’s 5G Network be?

The name for AT&T’s 5G network will be 5G+ as opposed to 5GE, which was what it was rumoured to be called as. Now as far as speed is concerned, AT&T claims a speed of 200 Mbps to 300 MBps with early testing results creeping up to around 400 Mbps. Back in February, the company claims to have hit the mark of 1.5 Gbps on a test 5G device. That’s insanely fast, but the actual results might show up somewhere around 200-300MBps.

AT&T 5G Plans & Pricing Details

Along with the premium speeds, also comes the premium prices. As of now, AT&T has not passed out any information about the plans involving 5G smartphones, but the price for the 5G plan for Netgear’s Nighthawk is set at 70 USD per month for just 15 GB of high-speed data. The mobile phone plans may differ from these, but as of now, this is the only 5G plan offering we are aware of.


AT&T is definitely behind Verizon when it comes to 5G phones, as Verizon has got the exclusive deal cut out for them. Besides, even in terms of coverage, Verizon is expected to take over AT&T as the widely covered 5G network. However, AT&T is still a few miles of ahead of the providers, that is Sprint and T-mobile. Now all that is left is to see, how fast will AT&T network be in real life scenarios.

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