Best Pokemon Card Price Checker Apps for 2023

Pokemon trading cards have exploded in popularity recently, leaving collectors searching for the best apps to value their collections. With prices fluctuating rapidly, having an up-to-date price guide in your pocket is essential.

This article lists the top 10 Pokemon card price checker apps available in 2023. Whether you’re an avid collector or inherited a childhood binder, these apps can help you navigate the complex Pokemon card market.

1. TCGPlayers

pokemon tcg player

TCGplayer is the leading online marketplace for Pokemon cards. Their free app allows you to search listings and sold prices, creating a detailed price history for individual cards. TCGplayer compiles data from vendors across the web, giving you an accurate look at market values.

2. PokePrices

PokePrices is a price guide app specifically designed for Pokemon cards. It aggregates sold listings from eBay and other marketplaces. The app is easy to navigate and fast, allowing quick price checks. PokePrices also includes a barcode scanner to look up cards instantly.

3. PokeTCG Scanner-Dragon Shield

poke tcg scanner dragon shield

The PokeTCG Scanner app provides a convenient way to track and value your Pokemon card collection. This app can scan cards in multiple languages and identify pricing information based on real-time market data. One of the standout features is the ability to view historical price charts for cards over the past 30 days. This helps collectors spot emerging trends and track their holdings’ changing value over time. Beyond pricing, the app has an appealing, dragon-themed interface that makes cataloguing and looking up cards an enjoyable experience. For Pokemon enthusiasts who want a comprehensive solution to organize and value their card collection, the PokeTCG Scanner delivers robust functionality with an engaging design.


Mavin is a web-based price guide covering all collectables, including Pokemon cards. It compiles market data and uses machine learning to identify price trends. Mavin then generates price predictions for individual cards across conditions. The site is free to use without registration.

5. CardBuddy

CardBuddy aims to be your pocket trading assistant. Look up card prices, manage your collection, and connect with the community. Users can build personal portfolios and wishlists to track their growth as collectors. CardBuddy also facilitates buying, selling, and trading cards between users.

6. Cardmarket

Cardmarket is the top European marketplace for trading cards. Their mobile app makes it easy for users across the globe to look up the latest Pokemon prices. Cardmarket compiles listing data from over 300,000 registered sellers to accurately examine EU market values.

7. Pokecardex


Pokecardex is a price aggregation site for Pokemon cards, similar to It searches listings across eBay, TCGplayer, and other major marketplaces to find price ranges and trends. Pokecardex also includes basic collection management features for cataloguing your cards.

8. Card Keeper

Card Keeper provides collection tracking combined with market data. Users can catalogue their cards, mark cards for trade or sale, and view pricing history graphs. Social features allow collectors to connect and chat within the app. Advanced users can link multiple accounts together.

9. Pokellector


Pokellector is aimed at the casual collector who still wants to know what their childhood cards are worth. The app provides market prices along with Pokedex-style data on every card. An intuitive interface makes finding card info simple. Barcode scans are ideal for valuing big collections.

10. PokéPrice

PokéPrice delivers quick pricing in a simple interface. Built-in barcode scanning instantly looks up card values based on active listings. Users can also search for cards manually and add them to custom watchlists. The clean design makes this an ideal basic price checker app.


The Pokemon card market can be difficult to track as an individual collector. Prices change rapidly based on availability, new releases, and condition. The apps above all aim to help collectors value their cards based on real-time market data. Whether you need fast barcode scans or advanced collection management, finding the right price checker app can take your collection to the next level.

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