How to Fix Bluetooth Not Working on LG Smart TV

Bluetooth is a useful feature on LG smart TVs that allows you to connect wireless devices like headphones, speakers, game controllers, and more. However, sometimes Bluetooth can stop working properly on LG TVs, preventing Bluetooth connection. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help get Bluetooth working again on your LG smart TV.

Diagnose The Issue

Before you try any fixes, diagnosing your exact Bluetooth problem is important. Here are some common Bluetooth issues on LG TVs and how to identify them:

Bluetooth is Not Turning On

  • Go to the Bluetooth menu in your TV settings. If the Bluetooth option is grayed out or missing, it means your TV isn’t detecting the Bluetooth adapter.

Not Discovering Devices

  • Go to the Bluetooth menu and ensure Bluetooth is enabled. Try pairing a device, but if your TV can’t find it, there’s an issue with device discovery.

Connected But No Audio/Input

  • If your headphones or speakers are paired but can’t hear audio, there’s a connectivity issue with the paired device.

Connected Devices Suddenly Disconnect

  • If your Bluetooth devices unexpectedly disconnect often, it points to interference or a weak link between the TV and the device.

Limited Range/Choppy Connection

  • If your Bluetooth devices work but only when close to the TV, it indicates a range issue with the Bluetooth antenna/adapter.

Bluetooth LG TV

What to Do if Bluetooth Not Working on LG TV?

Restart the TV

The first step is to restart your LG TV simply. This can clear up temporary software glitches preventing Bluetooth from functioning normally.

  • Use the power button on your TV remote to turn the TV off completely.
  • Unplug the TV power cable from the electrical outlet for at least 1 minute.
  • Plug the power cable back in, then turn the TV back on with the remote.
  • Try connecting to a Bluetooth device again to see if this fixed the issue.

Restarting the TV essentially reboots the software and can often resolve basic Bluetooth connectivity problems.

Check Bluetooth Settings

If restarting the TV doesn’t work, go into your TV’s Bluetooth settings menu and check that Bluetooth has not been disabled.

  • Use the LG remote to select the Settings icon from the TV home screen.
  • Go into the All Settings or General menu.
  • Select the Bluetooth option.
  • Make sure the Bluetooth setting is switched On and not Off.
  • You can also try toggling the Bluetooth option Off and then back On again to reset this setting.
  • Attempt to reconnect your Bluetooth device again.

Ensuring Bluetooth is enabled in the TV settings is important before troubleshooting further issues.

Update TV Software

software upgrade of lg tv

An outdated software version on your LG smart TV could also be the culprit. Check if any software updates are available and install them.

  • From the home screen, select the Settings icon.
  • Go into the All Settings or General menu.
  • Select TV Information or About This TV.
  • Choose Software Update and check for available updates.
  • Install any new software updates that are ready.

Updating to the latest TV software version ensures compatibility with Bluetooth devices and often resolves connectivity problems after updating.

Forget Bluetooth Devices

Delete bluetooth device of lg tv

If your LG TV has previously connected Bluetooth devices that are not working, try forgetting them and pairing them again from scratch.

  • Go into the Bluetooth menu in the Settings.
  • Select the previously paired device to open its options.
  • Choose Forget/Delete to disconnect and remove that device from your TV.
  • Similarly, open the Bluetooth settings on the device itself and select Forget or Unpair for the LG TV.
  • If both devices are forgotten, try pairing them again from the start.
  • This re-pairs the devices and creates a fresh connection.

Forgetting old device connections can clear up conflicts and fix situations where previously connected devices are no longer linking successfully.

Adjust Placement and Remove Obstructions

The physical placement and obstructions between your Bluetooth device and the LG TV can also interrupt connectivity.

  • Try moving devices closer together with fewer objects in between.
  • Ensure no walls, cabinets, or large electronics block the connection path.
  • Place Bluetooth devices up to 33 feet away from the TV for optimal range.
  • Face Bluetooth speakers towards the TV screen.
  • Remove objects that could block signals, like vases, books, TV stands, etc.

Adjusting placement reduces physical barriers between your LG TV and Bluetooth devices, improving signal strength for faster, more reliable connectivity.

Try a Bluetooth Antenna/Adapter

Bluetooth adapter

If your LG TV’s internal Bluetooth seems weak, you can add an external antenna or adapter to boost connectivity.

USB Bluetooth adapters plug into your TV’s USB port, providing stronger wireless transmission/reception than built-in Bluetooth. They also give your LG TV’s Bluetooth extra range – useful if your couch or listening spot is far from the TV.

Before getting an adapter, check your TV model to ensure USB Bluetooth support. On some LG webOS models, the internal Bluetooth gets disabled when you connect an external adapter.

A Bluetooth antenna plugs into the TV’s antenna/cable port and pairs with the internal Bluetooth to enhance the wireless signal. These are also easy plug-and-play upgrades that can make a difference if the internal Bluetooth is inadequate.

Adjust the Bluetooth Power Output

You can also try adjusting the Bluetooth power levels on your LG TV if you face device discovery or range issues.

Go to Settings > General > Devices > Bluetooth > Advanced Settings on your TV. You can set Bluetooth TX Power to Standard, High (-2dB), or Low (-6dB).

Try switching from Standard to High power – this may help with device detection and extend the operational range. However, setting Bluetooth to High power can impact energy efficiency.

Switch Bluetooth Channel

Interference from other wireless home devices like Wi-Fi, baby monitors, cordless phones, etc., can disrupt Bluetooth connections.

LG TVs allow you to change the Bluetooth channel to avoid interference with other wireless signals.

Under Bluetooth Advanced Settings, you can choose between Bluetooth Channels Auto, Channel 1, and Channel 13.

Monitor your home wireless activity and switch to a less congested channel. This trick can reduce interference and give you more reliable Bluetooth on the LG TV.

Reset Smart TV to Factory Settings

factory reset of lg tv

If you’ve tried the above steps and it’s not working, resetting the LG smart TV to factory default settings can clear up software issues preventing Bluetooth connectivity.

Note: This will erase all personalized settings, apps, accounts, etc, to restore the original factory settings.

To factory reset an LG TV:

  • From the home screen, select the Settings icon.
  • Go into the All Settings or General menu.
  • Find and select the Factory Data Reset option.
  • Enter the TV password if prompted.
  • Confirm the factory reset to erase all data and reset the TV.
  • The TV will restart and boot up again with the original factory settings.
  • Try re-pairing your Bluetooth devices.

Factory resetting the LG TV essentially provides a clean software slate, which can eliminate tricky device connectivity issues. Just be sure to backup the settings and data you want to preserve beforehand.

Contact LG Support

The issue may require professional support if you still can’t get Bluetooth working after these troubleshooting tips. Contact LG TV support online or by phone:

  • Online support: Visit the Support section of the LG website and search for Bluetooth issues with your specific model. Live chat and email support are also available.

LG can provide individual troubleshooting help or determine if your TV requires service to address a hardware problem. When contacting LG for the fastest resolution, provide the specific symptoms of the issue.

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