Can’t Find YouTube TV App on Samsung TV: How to Fix?

With over 85+ channels available for a reasonable monthly price, YouTube TV has emerged as a leading live TV streaming option. To access its content, users must download the YouTube TV app on their preferred device, whether a streaming stick, smart TV platform, or other compatible technology.

If you recently got a new Samsung smart TV but can’t seem to find the YouTube TV app in the Smart Hub, don’t worry – you have a few options to resolve this. Here are the steps to take:

What to Do if Unable to Find YouTube TV App on Samsung TV

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Check the Availability in Your Region

YouTube TV’s availability is limited to the United States at this time. Therefore, those living outside the US or who own a Samsung TV model made for another region will not have access to the YouTube TV app within the Smart Hub. Checking your geographic location and Samsung TV model is the best way to confirm if you can install YouTube TV before attempting to find the app.

  • To check, go to the YouTube TV website and enter your ZIP code on the homepage.
  • If you get a message saying, “YouTube TV is not available in your area,” then unfortunately, you won’t be able to install the app due to licensing restrictions.
  • Consider using a VPN to mask your location if you wish to subscribe to the service.

Update Your Samsung TV Software

If YouTube TV is available in your area, the next step is to check if your Samsung TV is running the latest software. Open “Settings” on your TV and navigate to “Support” to see your current software version.

You can then visit the Samsung website to verify if a newer version is available. More recent Samsung TV software updates often add new apps like YouTube TV.

To update, go to “Settings > Support > Software Update” and select “Update Now.” This will automatically install the newest software and any missing apps if available via the update.

Search for the YouTube TV App

If your Samsung TV is fully updated and you still can’t find the YouTube TV icon on the Smart Hub, try searching for the app instead.

Press the “Home” button on your Samsung remote and select “Search.” Type in “YouTube TV” using the on-screen keyboard. The search results should show that the YouTube TV app is available for installation on your model.

Select it to open the YouTube TV app page. Choose “Download” to install the app. Once finished, you’ll find the YouTube TV icon under the “Apps” section of the Smart Hub.

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Sideload using External Device

If you’ve confirmed your Samsung TV has the latest software, but the app store still doesn’t show YouTube TV as available for download, your last resort is sideloading.

  • This involves installing the APK file onto your TV from an external device like a USB flash drive or smartphone.
  • First, you need to download the latest YouTube TV APK file from a trusted site like APKMirror. Transfer this file to a thumb drive and plug it into your TV.
  • Alternatively, if your Samsung TV model supports screen mirroring, connect your phone and transfer the APK that way.
  • Next, open “Settings > General > External Device Manager” and select your attached device. Locate the YouTube TV APK file here and select to begin the installation.
  • Accept any permissions or terms during the process. Once completed, you’ll find a YouTube TV app icon now available to open in the Smart Hub.
  • While sideloading requires a few extra steps, it is an option to install YouTube TV if the app isn’t officially available for your TV model from Samsung’s app store.

Contact Samsung Support

If you have attempted all troubleshooting steps and cannot get the YouTube TV app on your Samsung TV, your last option is to contact Samsung Support.

You can contact their team via live chat or phone on the Samsung website for assistance. Describe your issue, TV model details, and troubleshooting steps you’ve tried.

The agents should be able to advise why your particular Samsung TV is currently incompatible. They can also escalate the issue by requesting YouTube TV availability or suggesting alternative solutions like streaming devices.


I hope this article has helped outline the key steps on what you can try when unable to find or install YouTube TV on your new Samsung TV after purchase.

In summary – Verify app availability in your region, ensure your Samsung TV has the updated software, manually search for the app, attempt sideloading as a workaround, or contact Samsung Support for the next steps.

Following these suggestions should help resolve the missing YouTube TV app in most cases. And with more models added over time, there is still a chance Samsung will make the app available for your TV via a future system update.

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