How to Change DNS Server in Windows 11

By default, Windows 11 automatically assigns DNS servers when connected to the Internet. This means that local ISPs allocate their resources and thus can track you. In addition, local DNS providers do not always have fast and secure servers. Here we have explained how you can change DNS servers in Windows 11 to faster and more secure ones like Google or Cloudflare.

Change DNS Server in Windows 11

Steps to Change DNS Server in Windows 11

1. Go to Settings (Use Win+I) > Network & Internet > Advanced Network Settings.

2. Choose the required network connection that you are using. Ethernet if the connection is wired or WiFi if the connection is wireless. Then tap on “View additional properties”.

3. In the column “DNS server assignment”, click on “Change”.

4. Click on automatic and select manually. Next, the settings for DNS servers will appear as preferred and alternative. Write your DNS servers and click save. Below is a list of DNS from Google and Cloudflare, as they are much faster and more secure than the default ones from local providers.

  • Google DNS: –
  • DNS CloudFlare: –

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