How to Change the OneDrive Folder Location in Windows 11

Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage is preinstalled on Windows 11 and the default folder is on the system drive, usually C :. For some users with a small SDD disk, it is critical to store sync files. The question is how to move the current folder with OneDrive files to another local drive to free up space?

OneDrive Folder Location in Windows 11


To change the location of your OneDrive folder in Windows 11, do the following:

Right-click the OneDrive icon in the tray and select Options.

Go to the ” Account ” tab and click ” Unlink this computer “.

Now open File Explorer and go to ” C: \ Users \ your username ” and right-click on the OneDrive icon, then select ” Cut “.

Next, navigate to the location you want, where you would like the OneDrive folder to be. Click on an empty space in the explorer with the right mouse button and select ” Paste .”

Click on the OneDrive tray icon and select Sign In.

Enter your account information (username and password), and when you reach the folder selection, click on the bottom ” Change location “.

Provide the new path to the OneDrive folder where we pasted it to a different location. Highlight a folder and click ” Select Folder “.

A message will be shown with the selection of a new folder, but you click on ” Use this folder “.

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