How to Change Power Mode in Windows 11

By default, Windows 11 uses a balanced power mode, which may not be the right solution for laptop or computer users. For computers, you can set maximum performance without worrying that the battery is quickly discharged since it is not there. On the contrary, in laptops, you can change the power mode for maximum power efficiency so that the battery lasts longer.

Here, we will take a closer look at how to change the power mode in Windows 11 in order to deliver maximum performance or energy efficiency.

Change Power Mode in Windows 11

Steps to Change Power Mode in Windows 11

1 . Go to Settings using Win + I short key.

2. Head over to the path: System > Power and battery.

2 . In the column “Power mode” you can change to the scheme you need such as Best Power Efficiency, Balanced, and Best Performace.

Note: Windows also has an Ultimate Performance hidden power mode that can be activated with a couple of commands. If you need to enable maximum performance in Windows 11, then refer to this guide.

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