How to Change or Rename Computer Name in Windows 11

Windows 11 defaults to the chaotic computer name DEKSTOP-4FDF34, making it difficult to identify on networks. In addition, it makes it difficult to remotely connect to the remote desktop, as it is difficult to remember the random name of the PC.

Rename Computer Name in Windows 11

Rename Windows 11 PC via Options

  • Click Start and open Settings > System.
  • Click on ” Rename ” on the right and enter your computer name.
  • Reboot for the changes to take effect.

Rename Windows 11 PC via About System

  • Open ” Settings “> ” System “> bottom right ” About “.
  • Click ” Rename this PC ” and enter your name.
  • Reboot.

Change PC name through Windows 11 system properties

  • Press Win + R on your keyboard and enter system.cpl.
  • Click on ” Change ” below, and in the new window, change the computer name, then click OK.

Change PC name via Windows 11 Terminal

  • Press Win + X and select ” Windows Terminal Administrator “.
  • Enter the command below, replacing the name 5gmobilephone in quotes with your own.
Rename-Computer -NewName "5gmobilephone"

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