How to Change Windows 11 Display Language

The Windows 11 operating system from Microsoft sets the system Display language by default, which was selected during the initial installation. The user may have a situation when he needs to install the different language of the Windows 11 Display since the English version of the system was installed during the initial installation.

Windows 11 Display Language

Steps to change the display language in Windows 11

1 . Go to Settings > Time & Language > Language & Region .

2 . In the ” Windows Display language ” item, select any other language that you need. If the required language is not on the list for selection, then continue to follow the recommendations below.

3 . To set the display language in Windows 11, click on “Add language”. Select the language you need from the list and click “Next”, after which there will be an automatic search for the language pack and its installation. Do not forget to check the box to make the Display language.

4 . If you have Italian installed in Windows 11, and it is not displayed in the Display, then click on the ellipsis and “Language options”. Next, in the “Language pack” column, click download, if the button is available. If the language pack is installed, “Installed” will be displayed.

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