How to Change Your Monitor Refresh Rate in Windows 11

The refresh rate is the number of times the image on the screen is refreshed per second. For example, let’s say you are using a 60 Hz monitor, which would mean refreshing your desktop 60 times every 1 second. The higher this frequency, the smoother the images are displayed and the better the visual comfort.

right refresh rate windows 11

The refresh rate generally varies between 50 and 240 Hz; it all depends on the capabilities of your screen. It is beneficial in video games: by setting a higher refresh rate, the movements on the screen will be smoother, and your overall gaming experience will be better. Be careful, though; a higher frequency can reduce battery life, as it uses more power.

Need to configure the refresh rate to get a smoother display in your video games or improve battery life? We will discuss putting hertz on the monitor to change the screen refresh rate in Windows 11.

Change your display refresh rate in Windows 11

Go to Settings > System > Display > Advanced Display.

Select the monitor you need, if there are several, and expand the list. Click on “Display adapter properties”.

Go to the “Monitor” tab, and in the “Screen refresh rate” column, you can change the hertz of the monitor.

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