Top ChatGPT Chrome Extensions for 2023

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm since its public release last year. The AI chatbot from OpenAI dazzles with its eloquent responses and uncanny natural language capabilities. However, ChatGPT is limited to a simple text interface within a single browser tab in its default form.

That’s where Chrome extensions come in. Developers have tapped into ChatGPT’s potential and created extensions that augment its abilities in creative ways. Now dozens of ingenious add-ons integrate the bot across your browser and unlock new ways to leverage its intelligence.

This extensive guide covered the top ChatGPT Chrome extensions available today. We tried them extensively to provide key details on their functionality and real-world use cases. Read on to discover how these extensions can enhance your productivity and expand what’s possible with ChatGPT.

One of ChatGPT’s biggest limitations is its lack of access to live internet data. Since it was trained on information only up to 2021, any prompts relating to recent events will elicit unreliable responses. A few handy extensions help mitigate this limitation.

Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

1. WebChatGPT

This extension connects ChatGPT to the web by letting it search for and compile information from relevant pages. WebChatGPT will automatically display related search results and links upon entering a prompt. It then uses these to put together an up-to-date response.

You can filter results by time, region, and number of links. The responses do tend to be longer with more extracted information. But it also risks plagiarism, so use this power judiciously. Overall, WebChatGPT makes the bot surprisingly web-savvy.

2. ChatGPT for Google

This handy extension puts ChatGPT’s insights right in your Google search results. A useful ChatGPT response pane will populate where the knowledge graph appears as you search normally. The search terms are passed to the bot as a prompt to elicit contextual information.

Now Google searches can become interactive Q&A experiences with the bot. You can inquire further or request specific outputs like code, summaries, or rewording. ChatGPT for Google is one of the most useful extensions out there for seamless integration.

3. Compose AI

ChatGPT is already being used to write everything from essays to news articles. Compose AI offers a handy toolbar to access its writing skills anywhere seamlessly. Just type // to pull up an AI menu to compose all content.

Outline entire articles, craft catchy headlines, generate ideas, rewrite paragraphs, or even compose professionally worded emails in seconds. 1,000 free words are available after installation. At $9.99 monthly for 15K words, Compose AI can be a wordsmith sidekick.

4. ChatGPT Writer

This extension focuses specifically on writing emails, messages, and other textual communication. Just click the icon to cue the bot with context and intent. The well-formulated responses and talking points you can get for emails and chats are impressive.

Though slower than the website, you can engage in actual conversations too. ChatGPT Writer is among the top convenience extensions out there for quick, assisted responses.

5. Perplexity AI

Perplexity is an AI search engine in itself. The extension seamlessly integrates the GPT-3 model with open internet access. Ask it anything, and Perplexity will scour its own knowledge plus helpful online sources to serve detailed, citable information.

Viewing and verifying sources gives this extension an edge for research purposes. Perplexity can even digest selective web content like full articles for you. Perplexity is up for the task if you need an AI sidekick to help analyze information.

6. TeamSmart AI

Get a full team of specialized ChatGPT experts with this multi-agent extension. You can engage coders, writers, marketers, customer support, and more based on your needs. The different AI personas and abilities can help cover many use cases.

Just be sure to have your own OpenAI API key configured to handle the advanced workload. With so many AI assistants in one, TeamSmart boosts your productivity.

7. Botrush

This extension takes customization further by letting you style ChatGPT with different colors, fonts, and layouts. Personalize it with your favorite hue and typography for a uniquely you experience.

Additional features like downloadable chat transcripts and message stats make Botrush a great way to spruce up boring old ChatGPT.

 8. Superpower ChatGPT

Superpower adds handy features that enhance conversations. You can save chats to organized folders, store multiple prompts for quick access, and even tweak ChatGPT’s tone, language, and voice. It brings much-needed personalization to the chatbot.

Saving conversations is especially useful for referencing past context. Superpower gives you more control and flexibility.

9. Wiseone

This AI reading companion helps digest complex articles easily. Hover over any confusing webpage section, and Wiseone will generate a simplified explanation. Ask it questions, and it will answer based on its synthesized understanding.

There’s even a useful overall summary feature. Wiseone makes a great study aid or business intel sidekick. Never again slog through dense material when this AI extension can help elucidate it.

10. Summarize

Summarize taps ChatGPT’s power to condense any text on a webpage for you. Click the extension on any article or content-heavy site. Within seconds, you’ll have a concise summary of the key points.

The summarized blurbs work exceptionally well to get the gist quickly before deciding to read further. Whether it’s news, blogs, or publications, Summarize gives you the Cole’s Notes version.

11. ReaderGPT

With ReaderGPT, you can set your desired summary length or style. Get digestible bullet points, 50-word abstracts, or a simple version for a 5-year-old. The customization options make this a versatile, useful summarization tool.

12. Fancy GPT

Make your chats pretty with Fancy’s stylized designs. Export your conversations as images or PDFs with cool neon or sketch art. It’s a great way to create fun ChatGPT keepsakes.

13. SciSpace Copilot

Copilot serves as your AI companion for technical research papers or documents. It will read and process the full text. You can then ask questions, and Copilot will intelligently answer based on its synthesized comprehension.

Say goodbye to reading papers multiple times or looking up references to understand papers. Copilot takes care of the hard work so you can focus on key insights.

14. GPT for Docs & Sheets

This extension brings ChatGPT’s skills directly into Google Workspace. With it, you can summarize, rewrite, or rephrase content right within Docs and Slides. For Sheets, it can generate formulas, simplify data, and more.

The ability to tap AI capabilities alongside your existing work makes this a game-changing productivity booster for academic and professional use cases.

15. Customize Your ChatGPT Interface

ChatGPT’s default UI is rather simple and limiting. These extensions allow you to customize the interface for a more tailored experience.

16. Merlin

Merlin brings ChatGPT in a popup sidebar on any webpage through a keyboard shortcut. Get AI-generated responses seamlessly as you browse without having to switch tabs. It also has a clean, minimalist interface for a more modernized ChatGPT feel.

17. Engage AI

Similar to TweetGPT, this extension generates AI-posted comments on LinkedIn. Choose tones and styles, and Engage will craft thoughtful replies and engagement. Take the work out of social participation.


Similarly, this extension puts ChatGPT and other AI bots like Claude and Sydney in a collapsable sidebar. You can pin it open and access the same great capabilities on any site. MaxAI also works for PDFs to generate text, translate, or refine content. The omnipresent AI makes it fantastically convenient.

19. Prompt Genius

Out of prompts to try? Prompt Genius offers a library of categories and ideas to inspire you. Gaming, investing, philosophy, tech – explore prompts for every interest. It’s a prompt paradise to stimulate creative ChatGPT use.

20. ShareGPT

This extension adds quick sharing of conversations with a click. Send links to friends and colleagues to show off fun ChatGPT creations easily. You can even track how many people viewed the chat. ShareGPT streamlines sharing your AI handiwork.

21. Notion

For private sharing, Notion saves your chats to your personal workspace. Configure it once to back up conversations to your preferred database automatically. Now ChatGPT chats can be accessed securely from Notion as well.

22. Promptheus

This extension specifically provides microphone support directly in the chat interface. Just hold a keyboard button and speak your prompts and questions. Prometheus makes ChatGPT exponentially more accessible and hands-free.

23. Talk to ChatGPT

Take it a step further with an extension that also voices ChatGPT’s responses. Talk to ChatGPT will read replies aloud using natural language synthesis. Have an almost human-like conversation with this nifty speech extension.

24. Talkberry

Talkberry adds a microphone icon on the ChatGPT site to take voice input. You can even select languages and adjust the speech playback speed. It turns the text-limited bot into a more natural voice assistant.

25. Maximize Productivity With ChatGPT Integrations

This skims the surface of the many amazing ChatGPT Chrome extensions already out there. New ones are released daily to push the boundaries of how this technology can augment our lives.

The extensions above range from seriously productivity-enhancing to just plain fun. But they all unveil exciting new ways to tap into ChatGPT’s potential.

So explore some extensions to level up your AI game. With the right add-ons, you’ll uncover life-changing new use cases for ChatGPT at your fingertips.

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