How to Choose Windows 11 Speakers for Audio Output

If you use several speakers, different speakers and headphones on your computer or laptop, you have to switch between them periodically to output sound to a specific speaker. Of course, you can remove the speaker and reconnect it to your PC, after which it will automatically install by default and play sound, but this method is not convenient. In Windows 11, you can output sound to an earphone or other speaker in a couple of clicks, and here’s how to do it.

Choose Windows 11 Speakers

Choose an audio output device on the taskbar

1. You need to tap on the sound icon on the Windows 11 taskbar, then click on the arrow next to the volume.

2. Next, a list of connected speakers will appear that you can select as audio output.

Choose an audio output device in the settings

1. Head over to the path: “Setting “> “System”> “Sound”

2. On the right, you can select another device to play the sound that Windows 11 was able to detect.

Choose an audio output Device from Game Bar

1. Open the Windows 11 Game Bar by clicking the Win+G shortcut key.

2. Now click on the Audio icon on the Game Bar. It will open the Audio widget.

3. Under the Mix tab of the Audio widget, click on the current Windows Default Output device.

4. Choose the device you want to set as the default audio output device.

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