List of Companies That Will Send You Free Products For Reviews

Product reviews are essential for businesses to build customer trust and increase sales. However, getting reviews can be challenging, especially for new or small companies. To overcome this hurdle, many companies offer free products in exchange for honest reviews. In this article, we will provide you with a list of companies that send free products for review and best practices for product reviewing.

Free Products for Review

Criteria for Companies that Send Free Products for Review

Before diving into the list of companies, it’s important to understand the criteria they typically use when selecting reviewers. The following are the most common criteria:

Company size and industry: Larger and more established companies in popular industries are more likely to offer free products for review.

Product type and value: Companies offering products with a higher retail value are more likely to offer free products for review.

Reviewer requirements: Companies may require that reviewers have a certain number of followers on social media or a minimum level of writing experience.

Disclosure policies: Companies may require reviewers to disclose that they received the product for free in their review.

List of Companies that Send Free Products for Review

  1. Amazon Vine: Amazon’s invitation-only program offers free products to trusted reviewers who have a history of providing high-quality reviews. You can apply to join the program by visiting the Amazon Vine page.
  2. Influenster: This product discovery and review platform offers free products to members who share their opinions and experiences with their social media followers. Sign up on the Influenster website to be eligible for free products.
  3. BzzAgent: This word-of-mouth marketing company sends free products to reviewers who participate in their campaigns and share their experiences on social media. Apply to be a BzzAgent on their website.
  4. Smiley360: This product review platform offers free products to members who share their experiences and opinions on social media. You can sign up to be a Smiley360 member on their website.
  5. PinchMe: This product sampling company offers free products in exchange for honest reviews. You can apply for free product samples on the PinchMe website.

Best Practices for Free Product Reviews

Now that you know which companies offer free products for review, it’s important to understand how to review products professionally and effectively. The following are some best practices:

Honesty and transparency: Always disclose that you received the product for free and provide an honest review of your experience.

Timeliness and quality: Post your review in a timely manner and ensure it is high-quality, with clear language, proper grammar, and spelling.

Professionalism and courtesy: Show respect to the company and the product in your review. Avoid using foul language or making derogatory comments.


There are many companies out there that offer free products for review. By following the criteria and best practices listed in this article, you can receive free products and provide valuable feedback to companies. Remember that providing honest and thoughtful reviews is essential to building trust with your followers and being selected for future review opportunities. So, go ahead and apply to become a product reviewer today!

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