How to Convert BIN to ISO File?

BIN is a binary file format with a different type of information than the ISO format, which stores a complete copy of a CD/DVD. Undoubtedly, many people remember the days of DVDs, where the BIN format was located, which could not be played on a PC, and in most cases, it helped to change BIN to ISO manually. You should be aware that there are system .bin files that cannot be converted to ISO because they are not ISO in nature. This guide will analyze how to convert .bin to .iso on a computer running Windows 11/10.

Convert BIN to ISO

Convert BIN to ISO Using PowerISO

1. Visit the poweriso website and download the software.

2. After launching the program, wait 5 seconds and click continue to use the free version.

3. Now, click on the Tools tab at the top and select Convert.

4. Specify your source file in BIN format, then in the Image format column, select Standard ISO images, and the output file will automatically be made in iso format. Click OK, and the .bin to .iso conversion will start.

Convert BIN to ISO Using UltraISO

1. Visit the UltraISO website and download the program’s Free version. After launching the program, click on the trial version.

2. Click on the Tools tab and select Convert.

3. Select a bin to convert, and in the Target format item, set Normal ISO, then click Convert. The converted ISO file is in the path indicated in the ” Target Folder ” column.

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