How to Convert JPG to JFIF on Windows 11 or 10

JFIF ( JPEG File Interchange Format ) is an image format that defines additional container specifications encoded using the JPEG algorithm. This format includes component sample registration, resolution, aspect ratio and colour space, unlike jpg. In other words, the JPEG format has different extensions like jpg, jfif and jpe.

Many users face the problem when they save a JPG format image from the browser, and Windows 11 or Windows 10 automatically saves it to the computer as jfif. Most programs for a computer know about this type of file, and there will be no problems opening the file, but when you share a jfif on WhatsApp, the Android system will give an error when opening.

It was found that after updating the system, the value of the file association in the registry may change, which is the culprit for the automatic saving of JFIF.

We will discuss how to quickly convert JPG to JFIF in Windows 11 or Windows 10 without third-party programs and online services and fix file associations to save the JPG format on the computer, not in JFIF format.

Convert JPG to JFIF on Windows 11 or 10

Steps to Convert JPG to JFIF on Windows 11/10

As mentioned above, JFIF is essentially a JPEG that will work in all image viewers. You need to change the file type manually to .JPG. For this:

  • In Explorer, click on the “View” tab and set the value to “Filename Extension”.
  • Next, manually rename the image from .jfif to .jpg .

Windows 11 or 10 saves JPG files as JFIF

Press Win + R and type regedit to open Registry Editor.

In the registry, go along the path:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ MIME \ Database \ Content Type \ image / jpeg
  • On the right, double click on Extension and replace. jfif to. jpg.
  • In the left column, look at the image/jpeg branch below.
  • If there is also a .jfif file type in the Extension parameter, replace it with .jpg.

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