What is dasHost.exe process in Windows 11?

The Device Framework Association Provider Host ( dasHost.exe ) is the process that is responsible for pairing wired and wireless devices like keyboards, mouse, printers, etc., in Windows 11/ 10 / 8.1.

The dasHost.exe process file is located at path C: \ Windows \ System32 and is an official file from Microsoft. It is not a virus, but if it is located on a different path, it is most likely a bogus process and may turn out malicious. In addition, if you see several dasHost.exe functions in the task manager and one of them loads CPU, Disk or Memory, then you need to examine the legitimacy of the process and check the system with an antivirus scanner like DrWeb or Zemana.

dasHost.exe process

How to check if dasHost.exe is a virus?

1 . From the Task Manager, you need to search the name Device Framework Association Provider Host or dasHost.exe  and right-click on it. Select “Open File Location”. If you are thrown along the path C: \ Windows \ System32, this is not a virus but a legitimate process. If the dasHost.exe file appears in a different location, delete it, as it is most likely a virus with a fake name.

2 . Check the system with an antivirus scanner like DrWeb or Zemana; if the process is in a different place, there are several of them in the task manager, or it started to load the system.

Do I need to block dasHost.exe and deny Internet access?

No, blocking, moving and deleting the dasHost.exe file is unnecessary if it is not fake, as you can disrupt the system. In particular, when connecting devices, you may have problems using them.

If you are convinced that the file is not a virus, then you should allow this process to work since the dasHost.exe process is entirely safe and is a file from Microsoft that is used to connect devices to Windows 11/10.

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