How to Disable or Enable Minimize All Windows in Windows 11

Windows 11 has a feature that minimizes all open windows on the desktop and is located on the taskbar in the corner. For some users, it may be inconvenient since by clicking on the clock to display the calendar, you can get to the depreciation of the windows. For others, this minimizes all windows. Buttons may be a suitable workplace method to hide everything from the desktop when the director walks in. Let’s see how to disable or enable “Minimize all windows” in Windows 11.

Minimize All windows in Windows 11

Turn on or off. Minimize all windows in Windows 11

You can use the Aero Shake feature to minimize all opened app windows on your desktop. Hold the title of an opened app and shake it from the mouse. All opened windows will minimize automatically. To restore, you can shake again. In previous Windows OS versions, the title bar windows shake feature was enabled by default, but with Windows 11, you have to turn it on manually. However, the Settings app now allows you to decide how to use it. To enable the Aero Shake feature in Windows 11, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Settings app (Use the Win+I key).
  • Now select the System category.
  • Tap on the Multitasking tab.

windows shake

  • Turn the toggle switch to the ON position, next to the “Title bar windows shake” section.

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