How to Enable Device Encryption on Windows 11 Home

Are you using Windows 11 Home on your PC or Laptop? Do you want to protect your files using encryption? Sadly, Windows 11 Home does not include BitLocker encryption software unlike the Professional, Education, and Enterprise editions of Windows 11. But don’t worry as Windows 11 Home support the Device Encryption (lightweight version of BitLocker) feature and is easy to use. It also allows you to encrypt disks and protect your personal data against theft and intrusion. Here we will see what Windows 11 device encryption is and how to enable it to encrypt your personal data.

Device Encryption Windows 11

What is Device Encryption in Windows 11?

Device encryption is a feature available on all editions of Windows 11 that helps protect your personal data by encrypting the system drive as well as the fixed drives (SSDs and internal hard drives) of your PC. By enabling device encryption, if your computer is lost or stolen, your data will be protected from malicious people who will not be able to access it.

Showing “Windows Device encryption isn’t available for this device” error in Windows 11 PC

If device encryption is not available in Windows 11 Home PC it means the computer does not have the required hardware requirements or meets the requirements, but some settings are incorrectly set and prevent device encryption from starting.

Here is a list of possible reasons that Windows 11 device encryption is not working on your PC:

  • TPM not available: your PC is not equipped with a TPM.
  • TPM cannot be used: your PC is equipped with a TPM but it is not activated in the UEFI settings.
  • The device is not compatible with Modern Standby.
  • PCR7 link not supported: Secure Boot is probably disabled.
  • Unauthorized DMA-compatible device/bus detection: Secure Boot is probably disabled, enable it in the UEFI settings. Otherwise, one of your peripherals exposes your PC to unauthorized access to memory.
  • Hardware Security Test Interface Failed: Your PC has not passed the Hardware Security Test Interface (HSTI) tests which verify if a device is properly configured to use the security features of Windows 11.

If your PC is compatible with the Device Encryption then proceed to activate the feature.

Steps to Enable Device Encryption on Windows 11 Home

Step 1: You need to Open Settings (Press Win+I).

Step 2: Now Click on the “Privacy & Security” option on the left side.

Step 3: On the right side, you will see the “Device encryption” option.

Device encryption enable

Step 4: Turn on Device encryption and wait for the Encryption process to complete.

Step 5: Do not turn off your PC because this may take a while to finish. When finished, you can close Settings.

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