Fix: Entry Point Not Found DLL Error in Windows 11

The error “Procedure entry point not found in DLL” appears in Windows 11 PC when a program or game cannot find a DLL that should be running. Also, this error may be due to damage to the DLL file, or the library is not located in the correct directory at the specified path. The error syntax may have different names, for example, kernel32.dll, libxml2.dll or msvcrt.dll. This is a very confusing error, and its solution can drive you to a dead end, but let’s look at some tips to help fix when “Entry point was not found in dll.”

Entry Point Not Found Error

How to Fix Entry Point Not Found DLL Error in Windows 11

Method 1: First, reinstall the program and check if the problem is fixed. Next, update your Windows system to the latest version. And, of course, it could be a virus. Use an antivirus scanner.

Method 2 . If the DLL files are damaged, it makes sense to use the built-in tools CHKDSK, SFC and DISM to restore system files and check the disk for errors. Enter one command at a time and reboot the PC after each completed process. Open a command prompt as administrator and enter the commands below:

  • chkdsk /f /r /x – checking the disk for errors
  • sfc /scannow – system file checker
  • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth – recovery from the image

Sometimes you need to re-register the dll file. To do this, open a command prompt as administrator and enter the command:

  • regsvr32.exe kernel32.dll

Where kernel32.dll is the alleged file that is throwing the error, this method also helps when you have copied a file from another PC that needs to be registered in the system.

Method 3: Try to find the file that gives the error on another PC or ask a friend to drop it. Never download a separate file from third-party sources. The file paths can be viewed in the file properties. When you copy the file to yourself, you must register it using the method above (method 2).

Method 4: Not installed Visual C ++ package may throw this error. Also, in some cases, you need two types of Visual C ++ packages x32-bit and x64-bit. For example, if your entry point is not found in the DLL and the file name is msvcr120.dll, then you need to install Visual C ++ 2013. This can be viewed in the properties of the DLL file itself in the Details tab. Download from the official Microsoft website by typing a specific version of the package in Google search and install two types of x32-bit and x64-bit at once.

Method 5: You should check your RAM for errors. Type Win + R and enter mdsched.exe in the search box. Then follow the instructions on the screen and after restarting the PC, RAM diagnostics will start. This guide will help you diagnose RAM errors.

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