Error 1058: The Service Cannot be Started in Windows 11

Error 1058, when the specified service cannot be started because it is disabled or all associated devices, appears when you try to start the service in Windows 11 Task Manager.

Most often, error 1058 appears when the Windows Update service starts and is related to a problem due to changes in the settings of dependent other services. For example, if you disabled the DCOM or RPC service, the windows update service will not work correctly.

This guide will explain what to do and how to fix when error code 1058 appears when starting services in Windows 11. An example will be parsed on the Windows Update Service.

Error 1058 windows 11

Fix Error 1058: The Service Cannot Be Started in Windows 11

Press Win + R and enter services.msc to open services. Double-click the service causing the 1058 error and stop it if it is running. Then select the ” Automatic ” startup type and start the service.

If it doesn’t help, go to the “Dependencies” tab and remember the associated services. You need to find and launch the work of the “Launcher processes DCOM-server” and “RPC Endpoint Mapper” for service Updates to run without errors. Then return to the primary service and repeat step 1.

A note on the WU service

If you have used a third-party program to disable updates, then some programs create their services as ” StopUpdateGuard “, which will block Windows Update. In this case, you must reinstall the program if uninstalled and re-disable and enable updates. Also, ensure that you have no running benefits from these blocking programs in services.

If you turned off Windows 11 updates through Group Policy or the Registry Editor, find a similar instruction on the Internet and do the opposite.

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