How to Find MAC Address on LG Smart TV

Knowing the MAC address of your LG smart TV can be useful for various reasons. The MAC address is a unique identifier assigned to the network interface of your TV that allows it to communicate on a network. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to find the MAC address on various models of LG smart TVs.

What is a MAC Address?

MAC stands for Media Access Control. The MAC address is a unique 12-digit alphanumeric identifier assigned to a device’s network interface controller (NIC). It is used to identify devices on a network. These 12 digits are usually shown in pairs separated by colons or hyphens, like this: 00:1A:44:F6:25:08.

The first half of a MAC address contains details about the manufacturer of the NIC. The second half of the address represents the serial number assigned to that particular NIC by the manufacturer. Together, they create a unique hardware ID for every networking device.

Unlike IP addresses, which can change, the MAC address of a device remains permanent unless the NIC is changed physically. This makes it useful for identification and tracking of devices on a network.

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Why Find the MAC Address of LG Smart TV?

Here are some common reasons why you may need to find the MAC address of your LG smart TV:

  1. To Connect with Certain WiFi Networks: Some WiFi routers use MAC address filtering to control device access to the network. You may need to provide the TV’s MAC address to connect.
  2. Identify Devices on Your Home Network: If you have multiple LG TVs at home, knowing their MAC addresses helps identify them uniquely.
  3. Reserve IP Address in DHCP Range: You can configure your WiFi router to assign the same IP address to your TV’s MAC address each time.
  4. Parental Control Settings: Some router management apps allow parents to set screen time limits based on MAC address.
  5. Fix Connectivity Issues: If your smart TV has network connectivity problems, checking its MAC address helps troubleshoot.

How Do I Find MAC Address on LG Smart TV

The MAC address can be found in one of the following places on your LG smart TV:

  1. Settings menu
  2. TV rear panel sticker
  3. TV system menu
  4. Network settings screen

Let us go through the detailed steps to find the MAC address on your LG TV using these options:

Via Settings Menu

Mac Address via settings menu of LG TV

  • Turn on your LG smart TV first. Make sure it is connected to your home WiFi network.
  • Select the Settings icon from the row of quick icons along the bottom of the TV remote control.
  • Next, use the directional arrow keys to select the option ‘All Settings’ (or ‘General’ on older models).
  • Go to the ‘Network’ sub-menu under General/All Settings.
  • Select ‘Wired Connection (Ethernet)’ or ‘Wi-Fi Connection’ based on how your TV is connected to the home network.
  • You will now see the ‘MAC Address’ listed here. Note this down carefully.
  • On some models, there is no separate MAC address option. In that case, it is displayed beside the network connection name and signal strength.

Via Rear Panel Sticker

If going through TV menus feels cumbersome, check if the MAC address sticker is attached to the rear panel of your LG TV. This is handy when the TV has network issues and cannot access settings.

To find the MAC address label on the back of the TV:

  • Locate the identification label. Once you face the rear side, it is usually at the lower left or right edge.
  • Check if the WiFi/LAN MAC ID is printed here in this format: MAC ID: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX.
  • Use your smartphone to click a clear picture of the label for reference. Do not remove the label physically from the TV.

Via System Menu

Mac Address via system menu of LG TV

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ from the LG home screen
  • Scroll down and then select ‘System.’
  • After that, go to the ‘About.’
  • And then select ‘Status.’ After that, you will able to see the Device MAC Address.

Via Network Settings Screen

Mac Address via network settings of LG TV

Finally, confirming the MAC address through the Network settings menu is an option.

  • Press the Home button on your LG remote.
  • Select ‘Settings’ icon > ‘Network’ > ‘Wired Connection (Ethernet)’
  • Select ‘Advanced Settings’ on the next screen.
  • Under the Wired connection details, you will find the LAN MAC address of the LG TV here.

On some models, from the Networks menu itself, you can see the Wi-Fi MAC address without entering Advanced Settings.

So, that concludes the various options to find the unique MAC address of your LG smart television. This tool can help with network configuration, troubleshooting, and device identification. Maintain a digital copy of the MAC address and identification label image for easy access when required.

Alternative Method to Get MAC Address

Here is an alternative method to find the MAC address on LG smart TVs quickly using the Magic Remote rather than navigating menus:

  • Press the Settings button on your Magic Remote control while viewing any program. This opens a settings quick menu overlay.
  • Now press and hold the Settings button on the remote for 5 seconds until a notification appears saying “Advanced menu enabled.”
  • Point the remote at the TV and click the right arrow circle to enter the All Settings menu.
  • Go to the General → About This TV menu using the remote pointer to highlight and click.
  • You can now see the Wi-Fi MAC address in the About This TV menu.

FAQs about MAC Address Lookup

What if I don’t see the MAC address in the TV menus?

Check the rear label sticker as a fallback if you cannot view the MAC address through the TV settings or information menus. All LG TVs have the unique MAC address printed on the identification label at the back panel.

Why do I see multiple MAC addresses on my LG TV?

Some LG models show both wired LAN MAC addresses and Wi-Fi MAC addresses separately in the network settings. Note down both in such cases. The wired MAC ID is assigned to the LAN port, while the Wi-Fi MAC corresponds to the internal wireless card.

Can the MAC address of an LG TV change?

No, the MAC address of the LG TV network interface is hardcoded and cannot change dynamically like an IP address. Only if the internal hardware component is changed/replaced will an all-new MAC ID be assigned from the factory.

Should I use the hyphen or colon format of the MAC?

LG prints the MAC address on labels using a hyphen separator (XX-XX-XX-XX-XX). But many software interfaces accept the colon separator format (XX:XX:XX:XX:XX). Both denote the same MAC ID, so choose whichever format you require.

Is the MAC address used for LG Wi-Fi Direct?

When you connect mobile devices directly to your smart TV using Wi-Fi Direct instead of a home router, the same MAC address of your LG TV is used. So note down the Wi-Fi MAC from settings to set up this connection.

How do I find MAC if LG TV has no network connectivity?

If your TV cannot connect to Wi-Fi or ethernet due to some problem, MAC cannot be retrieved from software menus. In this case, the failproof method looks up the LAN/Wi-Fi MAC sticker at the rear body.

Can I find the MAC address using the LG remote app?

Yes, LG provides many mobile apps to remotely control and get TV information. Open the app, go to device settings, and find the MAC address of your registered LG TV here.

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