How to Fix Activation Error Code 0xc004F074 on Windows 11/10

You are in the right place if you face error code 0xc004f074 when activating with a digital license or Windows 11/10 product key. Microsoft has released a hotfix to work around this error. The error 0xc004f074 usually appears when activated via the command line. It also occurs when the software licensing cannot contact the Key Management Server (KMS). Here we will discuss several ways to fix Windows 11/10 activation error code 0xc004f074.

Activation Error Code 0xc004F074

Ways to fix error 0xc004f074 when activating Windows 11/10

Method 1: Fix system files

Open command prompt as administrator (Enter cmd in the search box and then right-click on “command line”).

Type the sfc /scannow command.

This command line will repair corrupted files on the system.

Restart your PC and then try to activate the product again.

Method 2: Activate the key using the SLUI

You must type the Win + R key and enter SLUI 3 in the search box.

A window will appear where you must enter your Windows product key and click Next to activate.

Restart your PC and check for error code 0xc004f074.

Method 3: Execute SLMGR.VBS command

Run Command Prompt as administrator.

Now enter below two command lines:

slmgr.vbs –ipk XXXXX-XXXXX – XXXXX – XXXXX – XXXXX
slmgr.vbs –ato

Note: Replace XXX-XXX with your product key.

Now restart your PC and check if activation error 0xc004f074 is gone.

Method 4: Disable the Windows defender firewall

Licensed files may be blocked because of incorrect Windows Defender configuration. So you can temporarily disable the firewall and try to activate windows 11/10.

Open the Control Panel and then select System and Security.

Now choose Windows Firewall.

A list of links on the left side will appear from where you can Turn On/Off Windows Firewall.

Select the option Turn Off Windows Firewall.

Click the OK button.

Note: If you are using a third-party antivirus, then look in the settings for how to disable the firewall.

If all methods fail, you should contact Microsoft support as the error is related to the product key. Please write your way in the comment section if you have found another workaround to fix error 0xc004f074 when activating Windows 11/10.

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