How to fix error 0x8004242d failed to format the selected partition in Windows 11

Error code 0x8004242d appears when trying to format an existing system partition on a fresh install of Windows 11 from a USB flash drive. Error 0x8004242d may be due to the fact that the system partitions were converted to a dynamic type, but a basic one is needed. This could be a damaged partition structure or a mismatch with the MBR, where the bootloader file could be damaged.

fix error 0x8004242d

Fix error 0x8004242d when formatting a partition in Windows 11

First of all, click “Delete” on the section that gives the formatting error. Next, create a new partition from the unallocated space. If the delete button is not clickable, then we will analyze below the methods of how to fix the error 0x8004242d when formatting a partition.

Solution 1: When you are in the disk layout when installing Windows 11 from a USB flash drive, then press Shift + F10 or for laptops Fn + Shift + F10 to bring up the command line.

At the command prompt, enter the below commands to fix disk errors.

diskpart - launching the tool for working with disks.
list volume- displays all partitions on all disks. Remember the letter of the section you want to format.
exit - exit from the tool.
chkdsk C: /f /r - run error checking on the partition.Find out on which Windows partition in CMD

Solution 2: If fixing errors on the disk did not help (Solution 1), then erase the disk completely. You must create a copy of all the files you need on disk. Do not confuse it with a partition, as the method below will erase the entire disk, not the partition, and you will lose all data on the disk.

Open CMD, as described in Solution 1 and enter the commands, then click on update in the Windows setup program (two round arrows).

diskpart - launching the tool for working with disks.
list disk - display a list of disks.
sel disk 3- select the disk on which the partition gives an error.
clean all - clear the selected disk.
exit - exit from the tool.

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