Fix: Error 0x80070570 in Windows 11 or 10 (File Corrupted & Unreadable)

Sometimes if you try to delete or move files in Windows 11 or 10, you may encounter “Error 0x80070570, The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable”. The error 0x80070570 usually occurs due to problems with hidden directories, viruses or disk corruption. This error is displayed when the user tries to move files from an external drive like a USB flash drive.


How to Fix Error 0x80070570 in Windows 11 or 10?

Method 1: Restart the PC

You should reboot Windows 11/10 OS as it can solve many problems. So restart your PC and then try to delete to move files.

Method 2: Scan for Virus

Are you trying to move or delete files from an external drive like a USB flash drive? Then viruses can corrupt the file or folder, showing error code 0x80070570. For this reason, you should use a virus scanner.

Method 3: File system corruption

Due to the corrupted file system, we see several errors, including 0x80070570, when a file or folder is corrupted. In this case, run a command prompt as an administrator to restore the file system.

chkdsk /f C:

The Check Disk operation will begin on that drive and repair any errors if found.

Method 4: Safe Mode

It would help if you booted into safe mode and then tried to delete the file. Only Microsoft services work in a secure mode that eliminates the option of blocking files by third-party software.

Method 5: Remove hidden folders $

Temporary copies of hidden files may cause the original file not to be deleted. So open the drive where the file or folder cannot be deleted and then turn on the display of hidden files. Now delete all files and folders with the $ sign.

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