How to Fix 0x8D050002 Microsoft Store Error on Windows 11/10

Sometimes when you download or update apps such as VLC, Discord, or PowerToys through the Microsoft Store on Windows 11 or Windows 10, you may face the error code 0x8D050002.

Error 0x8D050002 in the Microsoft Store can occur due to unavailable servers, poor internet connection, VPN, third-party antivirus, or disabled UAC. Let’s look at ways to resolve error code 0x8D050002 in the Microsoft Store when downloading apps for Windows 11/10.

0x8D050002 Microsoft Store

Ways to Fix 0x8D050002 Microsoft Store Error on Windows 11/10

1. Increase UAC

Press the Win+R key combination and type UserAccountControlSettings . Move the slider up and click OK. Next, check if the error appears in the windows store.

2. Using Microsoft Store Troubleshooter

Open Settings > System > Troubleshoot > Other troubleshooters > Windows Store Apps and click Start .

3. Disable VPN and third-party antivirus

A third-party antivirus or VPN program may be blocking the connection to Microsoft servers, which will cause the 0x8D050002 error in the Store. For this reason, if you have a third-party antivirus or VPN installed, you need to remove it temporarily and check if the problem is fixed. In addition, if you have configured a proxy server, you need to return the settings to the default.

Go to Settings > Apps > Apps & features and uninstall your third-party antivirus or VPN.

4. Reset Winsock

Run Command Prompt or PowerShell as administrator and type the below command to reset network protocols, then restart your PC and check if Microsoft Store error 0x8D050002 is resolved.

  • netsh winsock reset

5. Clear Microsoft Store Cache

Run command prompt as administrator and type the below command to clear windows 11/10 store cache.

6. Reset Store

Open Apps and features, find Microsoft Store in the list of programs, click on the ellipsis, and select More options.

Next, in order, click Finish, Fix and Reset. This will reset the Windows Store to its default settings, which should resolve the 0x8D050002 error.

7. Change your DNS settings

Providers may assign unstable DNS servers, which may not be acceptable with Microsoft servers. For this reason, you must manually set a stable DNS.

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