Stop code MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION on blue screen in Windows 11 is associated in most cases with hardware problems like an excessive load on the processor, video card or RAM. In addition, faulty drivers can give a crash or the latest update has disrupted the operation of components of the computer or laptop. This tutorial is about how to remove BSOD stop code MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION in Windows 11.


1. Remove all USB devices

If you have various USB devices connected to your PC such as a printer, flash drives, a scanner, then remove them all and reboot the system.

2. Update drivers

Press Win + X and select ” Device Manager “. If you have devices with a yellow exclamation mark, then there are driver problems. Right-click and select Update Driver Software. If it does not help, then ” Remove device ” and reboot the system.

Alternatively, click on the ” View ” tab and select ” Show hidden devices .” Next, expand the list of all device items and delete everything that has a translucent look, and then restart the PC. These are old unnecessary drivers and those devices that are currently disabled and do not work.

3. Update Windows

Go to the Windows Update section and update the system to the latest version, this may update the latest drivers as well.

4. Sectors on disk and SYS files

The error code may appear due to the fact that a bad sector on the disk does not allow loading the necessary files and a load is created on this disk, causing the MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION error. Also, damaged system files can cause this BSOD. We will check and automatically fix bad sectors and system files if any.

Run Command Prompt as administrator and enter the below commands in order, waiting for each process to finish:

  • chkdsk /f /r
  • sfc /scannow
  • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

5. RAM diagnostics

Press Win + R ( or on the command line ) and write mdsched.exe to invoke RAM diagnostics and repair. Follow the recommendations on the screen and after a reboot, a RAM check will run for errors.

I can’t boot to the desktop, what should I do?

If the blue screen with the MACHINE CHECK EXCEPTION error code does not allow booting to the Windows 11 desktop, then turn off and turn on the Windows 11 computer or laptop 3-4 times on the physical button, reaching the error or boot logo. Next, you will be transferred to additional parameters, where you can:

  • Run Startup Repair to fix boot sectors.
  • ” Remove updates “, if the error began to appear exactly after it.
  • Go to ” Embedded BIOS Settings ” to reset the default settings if you overclocked your components.
  • Run Command Prompt and follow methods 4 and 5 above.
  • Select ” Boot Options ” to boot into Safe Mode with Network Boot to uninstall or update drivers.
  • Click on ” System Restore ” to roll your system back a couple of days before the error appeared.
  • If all else fails, select ” Reset this PC ” to reinstall Windows 11.

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