Fix: Printer Error 0x0000007c or 0x000006e4 in Windows 11/10

When you try to print a document on your Windows 11 or 10 PC, you may see printer error codes 0x0000007c or 0x000006e4. There are multiple reasons for this error, such as buggy updates, corrupted Printer Drivers, etc. Also, if the Network Printer name or path is wrong, an error will occur. The glitch in the Printer Spooler service can also cause the error; however, that can be fixed by restarting the Service itself. So make sure the name/path is correct when you try to connect a Network Printer.

If you are a Windows 11/10 user and unable to use the Printer, then do not worry. Here we will discuss how you can fix “Windows cannot connect to the printer, Error Code 0x0000007c or 0x000006e4” on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC.

Printer Error 0x0000007c or 0x000006e4

How to Fix Error 0x0000007c or 0x000006e4 in Windows 11/10

Below mentioned solutions can be used to resolve the problems if you are experiencing Windows cannot connect to the printer Error 0x0000007c or 0x000006e4.

Method 1: Uninstall Buggy Updates

A buggy update is one of the most common issues. So we have to uninstall them. Before doing anything, you need to stop automatic updates in Windows 11/10. It will prevent the reinstallation of the update that you will delete. Here’s how you can remove the updates in Windows 11,

  • Open the Settings app using Win + I key.
  • Head over to the path: Windows Update> Update History > Uninstall updates.
  • Identify the buggy patch (Search on Intenet for the latest buggy patch)
  • Righ-click on the patch and select uninstall.

For Windows 10, launch settings app and then headover to the path: Tap on Updates & Security> Windows Update > View update history > Uninstall Updates

  • After completing that, you need to restart the PC.

Note: Currently, the buggy patch is KB5006670 for Windows 10 and KB5006674 for Windows 11.

Method 2: Through Printer Troubleshooter

You need to run Printer Troubleshooter and check if the issue has been fixed or not. To do that, firstly, Command Prompt as an administrator and run the following command.

msdt.exe /id PrinterDiagnostic

Through Printer Troubleshooter

After compelling the process, Error Code 0x0000007c or 0x000006e4 may be resolved.

Method 3: Restart Printer Spooler

The error may occur because of the Printer Spooler service. So, you need to restart the Service, but first, clear out all its content.

Launch File Explorer and go to the following location:

  • C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\x64\3 (For 64-bit OS)
  • C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\W32X86\3 (For 32-bit OS)

Now, cut and paste its content as a backup.

From the Start Menu, Open Services> Printer Spooler> Select Restart.

Restart Printer Spooler

After restarting your PC, check if the error is fixed.

Method 4. Reinstall Printer Driver

If the issue is related to a corrupted printer driver, you must reinstall the Printer Driver to fix the problem. To do this:

Open Comand Prompt and execute below command line

printui.exe /s /t2

A list of installed printer drivers will be displayed.

Reinstall Printer Driver

Search the printer driver you want to reinstall and remove it by clicking Remove.

Once you know your printer driver, then follow the below steps:

  • Go to Device Manager (Use Win + X > Device Manager)
  • Now Expand Printer queues.
  • Right-click on your Printer Driver and then choose Uninstall device.
  • Once the uninstallation process is finished, right-click on printer queues and tap Scan for hardware changes.

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