Windows 11: Fix Realtek Audio Console Cannot Connect to RPC Service (0x803fb005)

When you download Realtek Audio Console for Windows 11 from the Microsoft Store, you will encounter an error “Realtek Audio Console Cannot Connect to RPC Service” during installation or 0x803fb005 during download. It makes you not go on and think that the app is not working, especially after reading negative reviews, but it is not. The reason for these errors is that you need a generic Upd Realtek driver from the motherboard manufacturer. If they are not there, then you will receive an error 0x803fb005 when downloading. In addition, if they were, and then you deleted them, then you will receive an error unable to connect to the RPC service.

Here, we will explain how to properly download and install Realtek Audio Console from the Microsoft Store for Windows 11 so that there is no error unable to connect to the RPC service during installation and the code 0x803fb005 when downloading.

rpc service can not connect

How to Install Realtek Audio Console Without Errors in Windows 11 PC

Step 1: On Windows 11 go to “Applications & Features” and Uninstall all Realtek-related programs. If you have nothing there, then skip this step.

Step 2: Download DDU and Uninstall Realtek drivers from the system. This program allows you to completely delete all files.

Step 3: Install the audio driver from the manufacturer’s motherboard. You must go to your motherboard manufacturer’s website and download the Audio driver. Type in the manufacturer and model in Google search to find the official website.

You can find out the manufacturer and model of the motherboard by pressing the Win + R button combination and typing in msinfo32.

Step 4: After installing the audio driver from the motherboard, go to MS and download Realtek Audio Console, after which the error will be eliminated and the program will work.

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