How to Fix Screen Flickering Problem on Windows 11

In Windows 11, the screen of a PC or laptop monitor may start flickering or blinking unexpectedly due to a frozen dwm.exe process, graphics card drivers, third-party software, viruses, hardware malfunction, or loose graphics card wires. This guide will explain what to do and how to fix it when the monitor screen of a PC or laptop running Windows 11 starts blinking black.

Screen Flickers On Windows 11

Fix When Screen Flickers On Windows 11

1. Checking wires and monitor

Check the cable connection from the monitor to the computer. Disconnect the wires and reconnect them tightly. If there is a second monitor, connect to it to exclude it from the culprit. In addition, please pay attention to the wire itself; it can be frayed in any place, which will damage the shielding of the wire, thereby giving out black flashes.

2. Desktop window manager

dwm.exe is responsible for rendering in windows, and if it freezes and starts working incorrectly, there may be various display problems on the screen, including blinking and flickering.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager. Find ” Desktop Window Manager ” in the list and end the process. Don’t worry; it will restart automatically.

3. Checking the monitor Hz

Some monitors may support overclocking refresh rates, which may cause screen flickering. Try decreasing or increasing monitor Hz.

Go to Settings > System > Display > Advanced Display and click on ” display adapter properties “.

In a new window, go to the ” Monitor ” tab and select lower frequencies, and if it does not help, then higher frequencies.

4. Boot in Safe Mode

If the screen stops blinking or flickering in safe mode, the reason may be in third-party software, a virus, or a video card driver. To get into Safe Mode:

Turn off and turn on the PC 3-4 times before reaching the Windows boot logo.

You will be automatically transferred to the recovery diagnostics, where you need to click on “Advanced options”.

In add. options, go to Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Boot options > Restart > and press F5 to select Safe Mode with loading network drivers.

5. Scanning for viruses

Use an antivirus scanner like DrWeb to identify malware interfering with your screen.

If it is not possible to download these scanners, you can run the built-in Windows security antivirus offline.

6. Monitor driver

Press Win + X and select ” Device Manager “. Find and expand the ” Monitors ” column in the list. Right-click on a monitor from the list and select ” Update Driver “. If this does not solve the problem, then ” Remove device “, then restart your PC.

7. Graphics card drivers

To properly update the Graphics card driver, you first need to completely remove it from the windows system using DDU and then download the driver from the official website of the Graphics card manufacturer like AMD, Intel or Nvidia.

8. Uninstall the last update

Removing the last installed update will fix the problem if the screen flickering appears after updating Windows 11.

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