Fix: “The Selected Disk is of the GPT Partition Style” Error in Windows 11

Are you facing the error “Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The selected disk is of the GPT partition style.” in Windows 11. The old MBR disk partitioning system used to be, and it could no longer operate with the new amount of TR (terabyte) data. So they came up with the GPT system for disks, which was introduced with the new graphical BIOS UEFI.

Some users say their actions are just going into bios and turning off UEFI mode. It all depends on many factors, from the flesh to the architecture of windows, 64 or 32-bit.

GPT Partition Style

How to Fix “The Selected Disk is of the GPT Partition Style” Error in Windows 11

Usually, users create an incorrect installation USB flash drive with Windows. If you see that your disk is marked with the GPT style, you need to create a bootable USB flash drive in the GPT style. Now create an installation USB flash drive with Windows using the Rufus. You have to select GPT under Partition Map and UEFI. Now try installing Windows on your PC.

1. Change UEFI Boot Mode

Most motherboards support both traditional boot and UEFI Boot. You can choose the most suitable one in the bios settings.

  • In the Feature section, change the UEFI value instead of CSM.
  • In the Peripherals line, click SATA: AHCI mode instead of IDE.
  • Optional: In the Key Management line of the Secure Boot function, change Other OS instead of Windows UEFI Mode.

Enter F10 to save the settings.

2. Removing partitions when installing windows

If you want to do everything quickly and don’t care about data loss, delete all partitions when installing windows and format the hard drive completely (This method will erase all data). Now re-create the sections that you need. It will define a new table on the hard disk.

  • Remove all disk partitions.
  • Recreate them.

3. Convert GPT disk to MBR

Warning: This method will erase all data.

When you see the error message, click OK to close it and press the Shift + F10 or Shift + Fn + F10 key for notebooks to invoke the command line. If nothing works, go back one step to the windows installation interface and enter the Shift + F10 combination to start cmd again.

Excuse the following commands in order:

  • diskpart – For tool launch
  • list disk – It will display a list of disks
  • select disk 1 – selection
  • clean – clear the selected drive (The drive will be erased. No warning will be provided)
  • convert MBR – convert to MBR

When diskpart converts to MBR format, you can exit this program and continue installing Windows.

You can read Microsoft’s guide “Convert a GPT Disk into an MBR disk” here.

4. Apply the standard disk management utility

If another OS is available on your PC, you can use the standard “disk management” program in windows.

  • To start the program, you need to right-click the Start button
  • Now from the context menu, click on Disk Management.
  • Delete all partitions or volumes on the disk one at a time (Right-click on the Volume and then click “Delete Volume”)

When the disk space becomes unallocated, you need to click the drive and choose “Convert to MBR Disk”. Now, the original GPT disk will be converted to an MBR disk. After that, you can proceed to install Windows on that disk.

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