How to Fix “Win Shift S” Not Working in Windows 11 or 10

In Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC, the Win+ Shift + S keyboard shortcut allows us to capture a part or full screen to the clipboard. This shortcut key is beneficial for taking screenshots. However, due to some conflict between the Snip and Sketch Tool, Snipping Tool, and OneNote, the shortcut key Windows + Shift + S stopped working or responding. If you encounter this error, you can read the article to fix it.

Ways to Fix “Win Shift S” Not Working Issue in Windows 11/10

Method 1: Enable Clipboard HistoryToggle

Head over to the Windows settings page and check whether the Clipboard history switch is turned on. If it is turned off, you need to turn it on.

For Windows 11/10, the path is  Settings> System > Clipboard.

clipboard history

Method 2: Enable Snipping Tool

You need to check whether Snipping Tool/ Snip & Sketch option is turned on or off. To do so,

For Windows 11, open Settings app > Select the System category> Notifications tab. Now enable the Snipping Tool switch under the Notifications tab

For Windows 11, go to Settings app> choose System and then navigate to the Notifications & actions category. You will need to turn on the ‘Snip & Sketch’ option.

snip sketch

Method 3: Use the PrntScrn feature

If the “Win Shift S”, then you can use the PrntScrn key as an alternative option.

To do so, Use the Win+I key to open Settings.

Now click on the Ease of Access option.

Under the Keyboard section, you will see the PrtScrn button.

Enable the Print Screen shortcut key to open screen snipping.

print screen enable

Method 4: Reset Snipping Tool/ Snip & Sketch

For Windows 10

  • Firstly, you need to open the Settings app.
  • Now go to Apps> Apps & features.
  • Scroll down and then tap on Snip & Sketch.
  • Now tap on the Advanced options link.
  • In the next window, you will see the Reset button.
  • Once the Reset is done, restart your PC and check whether the Win Shift S key is working or not.

reset snip

For Windows 11

  • Go to the Settings app> Select the Apps category> Apps & Features.
  • Once you locate the Snipping Tool, click on the three vertical dots next to it and choose Advanced Options.
  • Finally, Reset the Tool using the Reset button.

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