Fix: Frigidaire Refrigerator Freezing Up

If the interior of your Frigidaire refrigerator is freezing up, causing frost buildup, cold spots, and frozen food, something is awry with the appliance. Excessive icing and freezing signifies a problem with air circulation or the defrost mechanism.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Freezing Up

Below is a detailed guide on the common causes of a Frigidaire refrigerator freezing up and tips to troubleshoot and repair the issue yourself.

What Causes a Frigidaire Fridge to Freeze Up?

Here are the most common culprits behind a Frigidaire refrigerator freezing up internally:

  • Failed defrost timer- The defrost timer regulates defrost cycles to melt away frost. If it malfunctions, ice can accumulate rapidly.
  • Faulty defrost thermostat- This thermostat ends defrost mode when the freezer reaches a warm enough temperature. If stuck in defrost, freezing occurs.
  • Blocked defrost drain tube- Melted frost drains through this tube. If obstructed, ice will back up internally.
  • Low refrigerant charge- Insufficient refrigerant causes the evaporator coils to ice up due to reduced cooling efficiency.
  • Condenser coils are dirty- Clogged condenser coils prevent proper airflow, leading to frost and freezing issues.
  • Evaporator fan failure- The evaporator fan keeps air circulating. If it fails, cold air circulation decreases, causing a freeze-up.
  • Gasket seal failure- A broken door seal allows warm air to enter the fridge, leading to icing as moisture condenses and freezes inside.
  • Thermistor problems- Inaccurate thermistors provide wrong temperature readings to the control board, leading to cooling issues.
  • Control board issue- If the main control board is defective, it can disrupt proper defrosting and cause the fridge to freeze up.

How to Fix a Frigidaire Refrigerator Freezing Up

Follow this complete troubleshooting guide to stop your Frigidaire refrigerator from freezing:

1. Defrost and clean the fridge interior- Unplug the fridge and use towels and a hair dryer to melt any accumulated frost and ice buildup before it damages interior panels.

2. Check the door seals- Inspect the door gaskets for cracks, gaps or damage that allow cold air leaks. Replace any faulty seals.

3. Clean condenser coils- Use a coil brush and vacuum to clean dust and debris from the condenser coils at the fridge’s rear bottom.

4. Test the inlet water valve- If the fridge has an ice maker, check the inlet fill valve for proper operation and no blockages leading to freezing.

5. Examine the evaporator fan- Remove the interior back panel to access the evaporator fan. Check for obstructions and test fan motor operation. Replace the fan if faulty.

6. Check defrost drain tube- Disconnect the drain tube and blow through it to remove clogs. Reconnect the tube firmly.

7. Monitor fridge temperatures- Use a thermometer to check if temperatures are too cold after defrosting and cleaning. Adjust temp controls if needed.

8. Assess refrigerant level- Signs of low refrigerant include warm fridge temps, coils frosting over, and continuous compressor running. Contact Frigidaire service to recharge refrigerant is low.

9. Replace defrost timer or thermostat- If the defrost components are suspected to be defective, replace them following Frigidaire service instructions.

10. Replace control board- If troubleshooting identifies the main control board as faulty, replace the control board according to Frigidaire’s directions.

By methodically checking each potential cause, you can diagnose why a Frigidaire refrigerator is freezing up and make the necessary repairs for proper operation.

FAQs About Frigidaire Fridge Freezing Up

Here are answers to some common questions about a Frigidaire refrigerator freezing up:

How do you defrost a frozen-up Frigidaire refrigerator?

– Unplug the fridge and remove the food
– Use towels and a hair dryer to melt ice buildup
– Wipe down the interior and dry thoroughly
– Clean coils and clear drain tube before restarting

Why does my Frigidaire side by side freeze up?

The main causes for a side-by-side Frigidaire freezing up include a blocked defrost drain tube, faulty defrost timer, low refrigerant charge, and failed evaporator fan.

Where is the defrost timer on a Frigidaire refrigerator?

The defrost timer is typically located behind the temperature control panel inside the fridge compartment. Consult the owner’s manual for the exact location.

How do I know if my Frigidaire evaporator fan is bad?

Symptoms of a faulty evaporator fan include excess frost, reduced airflow, warmer fridge temps, and the fan not running or making noise when turned by hand.

Why does my Frigidaire freezer keep freezing up?

Common causes for just the freezer freezing up include low refrigerant, iced-up coils, obstructed defrost drain, stuck open defrost thermostat and a bad control board.

Should I hire an appliance repair person for a frozen-up Frigidaire fridge?

For major issues like sealed system leaks or compressor problems, hiring a Frigidaire service technician is recommended. But many causes, like a blocked drain tube or failed fan, can be DIY fixes.

Stopping excess freezing and frost buildup in a Frigidaire refrigerator requires troubleshooting defrost components, thermostats, coils, seals, and fans. With diligent diagnosis and part replacements, your Frigidaire fridge can run frost-free once again.

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