How to Give Robux to Friends?

Online gamers will understand what we mean by ‘Robux’ at a glance or how worthy it is to spend your time on Roblox. But if you’re new to these terms, you don’t have to worry about searching the internet separately to know what they stand for.

Before we dive into the intrinsic details, know that ‘Roblox’ is considered a ‘powerhouse of imagination in the virtual gaming universe. And just like how the American dollar is related to the US, ‘Robux’ is related to ‘Roblox’ in the same way!

To explain formally, Roblox is a humongous online platform meant for gaming which comes with a superb inbuilt game development system. Developed by Roblox Corporation in 2006, this global gaming platform allows its users to create and program their games and have fun playing games created by other users.

Users can also make various articles like T-shirts, consoles, and more on Roblox, which can be sold on the user’s store called ‘Donation Items’. Other online users can purchase these articles by donating Robux to its respective creators on the platform.

In this article, you will learn how you can give Robux to friends or any fellow user as a donation or a gift.

What Is Robux?

Robux is an in-game currency that can be acquired by users, who can then use it to purchase special abilities or upgrade their avatars in the virtual games available. Users need to buy the premium plan to achieve more Robux.

robux plan

Before we proceed, you may ask if you can also send Robux to your friends. Well, of course, you can share Robux with your friends. However, there isn’t any straightforward method for you to share Robux. Instead, you have to exchange Robux for available items on the catalogue of the user or the friends with whom you want to share.

4 Ways to Give Robux to Friends

As a Roblox player, you may want to share the fun with your friends by giving them some Robux. While it is impossible to transfer Robux to your friends directly, there are still ways to give them this virtual currency. In this article, we will explore ways you can give Robux to your friends on Roblox.

Method 1: Group Funds

One of the most popular ways to give Robux to your friends is through group funds. If you are a group member, you can donate some Robux to the group funds. Your friend can then use the funds to purchase items in the group store. To donate to the group funds, go to the group page, click on the “Store” tab, and select “Group Admin” from the dropdown menu. Then, click “Group Funds” and enter the amount of Robux you want to donate.

Method 2: Game Passes

Another way to give Robux to your friends is by purchasing game passes. Game passes are virtual items that can give players additional perks or abilities in a specific game. You can buy a game pass for your friend, and they will receive the Robux that you used to purchase it. To buy a game pass, go to the game’s page and click on the “Store” tab. Then, select the game pass you want to buy and click “Buy”.

Method 3: Group Items

Similar to game passes, group items can also be used to give Robux to your friends. You can create a group item and set the price to the amount of Robux you want to give to your friend. Then, share the link with your friend, and they can purchase the item to receive the Robux. To create a group item, go to the group page, click on the “Store” tab, and select “Create Item”.

Method 4: Gift Cards

If you do not want to give Robux directly to your friend, you can purchase a Roblox gift card and give it to them. Gift cards are available at various retailers, including Walmart, Target, and GameStop. Your friend can redeem the gift card for Robux or purchase premium memberships or virtual items. To redeem a gift card, go to the Roblox website, log in to your account, and enter the gift card code in the “Redeem Roblox Card” section.

Some Tips

  • Be cautious when giving Robux to people you don’t know very well, as there are scams that involve tricking people into giving away their Robux.
  • Never give away more Robux than you can afford to lose. Make sure you have enough Robux left over for your own use.
  • If you’re having trouble giving Robux to a friend, double-check that you have entered the correct username and that your friend has accepted your friend request.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re having trouble with the trade. You can contact Roblox support for assistance.


In conclusion, giving Robux to your friends on Roblox can be a great way to enhance your gaming experience and share the fun with others. While there is no direct way to transfer Robux to your friends, several options are available. You can donate to group funds; purchase game passes, create group items, or give gift cards. These methods can provide your friends with Robux that they can use to purchase premium memberships, virtual items, or other in-game perks. By exploring these different methods, you can find the one that works best for you and your friends. So, spread the love by giving Robux to your friends on Roblox.

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