HBO Max Not Full Screen On TV: How To Fix

Watching your favorite HBO Max shows and movies on your TV should provide an immersive cinematic experience. However, many users report issues with HBO Max not displaying in full screen on their televisions. This can be incredibly frustrating when you want to enjoy content on the big screen. Fortunately, you can take a few steps to resolve this annoying problem.

Why Is HBO Max Not Full Screen?

There are a couple of potential reasons why HBO Max may not be showing in full-screen mode on your TV:

  • Incorrect display or zoom settings on the TV – Most modern smart TVs can change the display mode and zoom/aspect ratio in the settings menu. If these are not set properly for your watching content, it can prevent full-screen video playback.
  • App or device incompatibility issues – Certain older TV models or streaming devices may have problems properly displaying the HBO Max app in full screen due to software limitations. There can also be conflicts between the app and your TV’s default display settings.
  • Internet connection problems – Slow internet speeds, wifi interference, or a weak network signal can all disrupt full-screen video streaming on HBO Max. Video buffering or lower resolutions may occur as a result.
  • Outdated app version – If you are not running the latest version of the HBO Max app, you may encounter display issues like a lack of full-screen support. Always check for and install app updates when available.

Fixing HBO Max to Show Full Screen on TV

Here are some troubleshooting tips to fix HBO Max so it displays properly in full screen on your TV.

Adjust Your TV’s Display Settings

display setting

The first thing to check is your TV’s display and zoom/aspect ratio settings. Here are the steps to troubleshoot these settings:

1. go to the main Settings menu using your TV remote and locate the Display or Video settings. This is sometimes under a “Picture” menu.

2. Look for options like Picture Mode, Aspect Ratio, Zoom Mode, Screen Fit, etc. The names vary between TV brands.

3. Try different display modes like 16:9, Original, Just Scan, etc. Toggle through the zoom/aspect options.

4. Select the mode that allows HBO Max to display correctly on full screen without borders. A 16:9 or Original mode typically works best.

5. You may also need to play with any custom zoom or pan/scan settings to shift or crop the display image as needed.

6. If you make changes, be sure to save them before exiting the menu.

Double-check that any true full-screen or “dot-by-dot” display modes are not enabled, as these can prevent proper full-screen streaming. Make sure overscan is disabled as well.

Adjust Device Display Settings

roku display setting

If your HBO Max app is being accessed through a streaming device like a Roku or Fire TV, you may need to adjust those device’s display settings instead of the TV’s.

Refer to the device menu and look for options like screen resolution, display types, zoom modes, and advanced video settings. Try 16:9 1080p resolution. Make sure zoom is at default levels, and overscan is off. Toggling through the advanced video modes can also help.

Streaming devices connect to TVs differently, so matching the device output with your TV will allow a proper full-screen display. Checking for firmware or app updates on the streaming device is also advised.

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Check Internet Connection Quality

Check Your Internet Connection Speed

You need a fast and steady internet connection for consistent full-screen HBO Max viewing. Proper bandwidth enables smooth streaming at maximum video resolution.

Some steps for checking your network quality:

  • Test wired connections – Plug your streaming device directly into your router with an Ethernet cable. This provides the most stable connection.
  • If using wifi, restart your router and ensure your TV/device has a strong signal to the router. Consider moving them closer.
  • Check speeds with a tool like to verify enough bandwidth. Aim for at least 25 Mbps download speeds.
  • If speeds are lower than 25 Mbps, contact your internet provider about improving bandwidth. Upgrading your service may resolve full-screen issues.
  • Reset your modem/router if you experience frequent disconnects, buffering or speed fluctuations.
  • Limit other network activity from devices when streaming HBO Max. Large downloads can interfere with video.

Ideally, connect your TV or streaming device via ethernet if possible. For wifi, position your TV near the router and limit obstructions. Consistent speed and connectivity are key for full-screen, maximum-resolution HBO Max streaming.

Update HBO Max App

hbo max app

Another simple fix is ensuring you have installed the latest version of the HBO Max app. Updates often contain fixes and improvements for display issues.

Here are the steps for updating the app:

1. Locate the HBO Max app icon on your streaming device or smart TV home screen/menu.

2. Press down on the HBO Max app to open a menu or access options.

3. Look for an option like Check for Updates or App Version. This prompts the device to check and install updates.

4. If updates are available, select to download and install them. Allow time for the process to complete.

5. Once updated, restart the HBO Max app and see if full-screen viewing is corrected.

6. If not, restart your device/TV after the app update for changes to take effect fully.

You can also check your device app store directly to install app updates as needed manually. Set your apps to auto-update whenever possible to avoid display issues.

Adjust HBO Max App Settings

Within the HBO Max app itself, adjusting certain settings can also help achieve proper full-screen video playback.

Here are some app settings to check:

  • Display mode – Look in app settings for display options like Full Screen, Original Aspect Ratio, 16:9, etc.
  • Video resolution – Increase to the highest quality, like 4K or 1080p if available. Lower resolutions can prevent full screen.
  • Downscaling – Disable any auto-downscaling or data saver options that lower resolution.
  • Auto adjustments – Turn off things like auto-detect display or auto-adjust video to avoid overrides.

Play around with each setting to find the best match for full-screen viewing on your particular device and TV setup. You want maximum resolution with the correct display ratio.

The HBO Max settings menu provides the tools for fine-tuning playback to suit your display. You can get your shows looking their absolute best with the proper TV, streaming device, internet, and app updates.

Check for App/TV Firmware Updates

software update of smart tv

As one final step, check that both your smart TV platform and streaming device are running the latest firmware or software. Updates here often contain optimizations for video streaming apps like HBO Max.

For smart TVs:

1. Consult your TV menu for a Software or Firmware Update option. This will check and install any available updates.

2. Look for these updates manually by searching your exact TV model number plus “firmware update.” Follow the instructions to install.

3. TV makers like Samsung, Vizio, and LG also provide firmware updates through their support websites or over-the-air.

For streaming devices:

1. check the device menus for System, Software, or Firmware updates. Install if available.

2. Consult the device manufacturer’s website for the latest firmware details and update instructions.

Keeping both TV and streaming device firmware fully up-to-date ensures maximum compatibility and performance for apps like HBO Max. Display issues, including the lack of full-screen viewing, are often addressed in firmware releases. Updates also provide speed boosts and new features. Be sure to enable auto-update options if available.

Get Full-Screen HBO Max Streaming

When HBO Max fails to stream in proper full-screen mode on your television, it can detract from the viewing experience. Thankfully, adjusting your TV display settings, internet connection, the HBO Max app itself, and keeping firmware updated can typically resolve this issue. You’ll be immersed in all your favorite movies and shows with the right setup.

Remember also to contact HBO Max support if display problems persist. Be sure to provide details on your TV model, streaming device, app versions, and the troubleshooting steps you’ve tried. Ongoing bugs or compatibility problems can be formally reported to HBO Max for fixes. With the tips in this guide, full-screen streaming should be restored in no time.

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