Hisense TV Flickering Screen Issue: How to Fix?

A flickering screen is one of the most frustrating issues you can encounter with your Hisense TV. It can make watching content uncomfortable or even unviewable. Thankfully, you can take several troubleshooting steps to resolve a flickering screen on your Hisense TV.

What Causes a Flickering Hisense TV Screen?

There are a few common culprits that lead to a flickering TV display on a Hisense television:

  • Faulty or Loose Connections: If cables connecting components together, such as your cable box, game console, Blu-ray player, or the connections within the TV itself, have become loose or damaged, this can cause an intermittent connection, resulting in a flickering TV screen. Try unplugging all your devices and re-seating cables to ensure they are tight and secure.
  • Outdated Firmware: Your Hisense TV may need a firmware update to resolve software bugs that are causing glitches and screen flickering. Check if updates are available and install the latest firmware upgrade.
  • Incorrect Picture Settings: Your selected picture mode or individual picture settings, like brightness, contrast, etc, could be causing the flickering. Reset picture modes to default settings and adjust from there.
  • Incompatible Video Signal: Problems with the video signal from your input source can also lead to screen flickering. If available, try using different HDMI cables or connect devices to different HDMI ports.
  • Component Failure: If the issue persists across multiple devices and cables, the flickering may be caused by a hardware malfunction within the TV, like a faulty panel, loose ribbon cable, or failing T-Con board. This will require a repair from a TV technician.

Flickering Issue on Hisense Smart TV Screen: What to Do?

Check Your Video Connection Cables


A loose video connection cable is one of the most common causes of screen flickering on a Hisense TV. If the cables connecting your devices to your TV are damaged or become slightly disconnected, it can interfere with the video signal.

  • Inspect all video connection cables for any damage or frays. Damaged HDMI or component cables can cause flickering. Replace any visibly damaged cables.
  • Ensure cables are securely inserted into ports on the back of the TV and connected devices. Cables should click into place and not pull out easily.
  • Try using different ports on the TV if possible. Move your video device connection to another HDMI or component input port.
  • Swap out HDMI or component cables if you have spare parts available. Use a different cable that you know works properly.

Checking cables is quick and easy and fixes video issues in many cases. Make sure all video input connections are snug and undamaged.

Check TV Input Settings

Input Settings Hisense TV

If you’ve verified the video cables are intact, another setting to check is the input settings on the Hisense TV. Incorrect input settings and formats can sometimes cause a flickering display.

  • Go to the Inputs or Sources section from the TV settings menu.
  • Verify the correct input is enabled for the device you are using. For example, if you are watching a Blu-ray player, make sure the HDMI input with the player connected is selected.
  • While viewing the problem input, toggle between video formats like 720p, 1080i, 1080p, etc. See if one eliminates the flickering.
  • Confirm the HDMI Mode setting is correct for HDMI inputs based on your connected device capabilities. Try switching between the 1.4 and 2.0 modes.
  • Disable any unnecessary picture adjustments like Motion Smoothing or sharpness filters which may interfere.

Ensuring the TV input and formats match your viewing device signals can prevent display issues like flickering screens.

3. Update Hisense TV Software

Update Hisense Vidaa TV1

Hisense periodically releases software updates for their smart TVs, which contain compatibility patches, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

It is possible a flickering screen could be caused by a software glitch that is resolved in a newer update.

  • Using the remote, select the Settings cog icon from the main screen. Go to Support > Software Update/ System Upgrade.
  • If your TV is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or ethernet, it will automatically check for any available updates. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • If your TV says no updates are available, check online for your specific model’s latest software version. Compare it to your current version via Support > About TV.
  • If a new update is available, you can manually install it from a USB drive. Download the software onto a USB stick, insert it into the TV, and install the update.

Keeping your Hisense TV updated with the latest software is a quick troubleshooting step that may prevent or resolve flickering screens. Check for updates regularly.

Adjust Picture Settings

Hisense TV picture Settings

Here are some tips for adjusting picture settings on a Hisense TV to help prevent flickering issues

  • Backlight/Brightness – Lower backlight closer to the minimum setting. Excessively high backlight can cause light fluctuations that lead to flickering.
  • Contrast – Lower the contrast from the maximum, as high contrast levels can worsen flickering. Try around the 80-90 range.
  • Sharpness – Excessive sharpness enhancement can aggravate screen flickering, so lower sharpness and edge enhancements.
  • Color Temperature – Use a warm color temperature preset like Warm or Normal rather than Cool, which looks unnaturally blue.
  • Picture Mode – Switch to a preset picture mode like Standard or Movie rather than Vivid. Vivid boosts contrast/brightness, which flickers more.
  • HDMI Mode – If flickering occurs on devices connected via HDMI, try changing the HDMI Mode version from 2.0 to 1.4 or vice versa.
  • Motion Settings – Turn off motion smoothing features like MEMC, which can flutter on certain content.
  • Reset Picture Settings – Factory reset TV, which erases custom picture adjustments that may be causing issues.

Check the Power Supply and Voltage


Faulty power delivery can manifest as screen flickering within the TV or from the wall outlet. Verify these power sources:

  • Try connecting the Hisense TV to another nearby outlet you know works properly.
  • Use a surge protector power strip to ensure clean and consistent electricity.
  • Check for any loose power cable connections to the TV or power strip.
  • Press firmly on the power cord end at the back of the TV to ensure no loose pins.
  • Inspect power cables for damage that could cause power fluctuations.
  • Reset the TV power by unplugging from a power source for 60 seconds.

Confirming the TV has a steady electrical supply can help stabilize screen issues. Contact an electrician if flickering persists on various outlets.

Rule Out External Electrical Interference

Nearby household electronics, appliances, and wiring issues have the potential to cause electrical interference with a TV’s screen display.

To determine if something external is the culprit:

  • Turn off or unplug nearby appliances like fans, heaters, and A/C units and see if the flickering stops.
  • Ensure your TV and components are not plugged into a fridge or microwave outlet, which could cause line noise.
  • Ensure cables are not run near or bundled with electrical wires or ethernet cables.
  • Position the TV away from bright fluorescent lighting, which could disrupt the signal.
  • Coil up and secure any extra lengths of HDMI or component cables.

Isolating the TV from surrounding electrical interference can reveal if that is the root of your flickering issues.

Try a Factory Reset

Hisense TV Factory Reset

If you’ve worked through all other troubleshooting tips without success, performing a factory reset can clear any problematic settings and software glitches causing the flickering.

Be aware a reset will erase all customized preferences and stored apps.

  • From the Settings menu, select Support, then Factory Reset.
  • The TV will prompt you to confirm the factory reset. Select Yes.
  • Once reset, the TV will reboot and complete the initial Android setup prompts.
  • Sign back into Wi-Fi and select inputs and preferences.

Factory resetting the TV software will wipe away any issues that stemmed from customization changes and app installations. Only utilize this solution if flickering persists after other fixes.

When to Contact Hisense Support

With the troubleshooting steps outlined above, you should be able to resolve most cases of flickering screens on Hisense TVs.

However, if you still notice flickering after trying all of these fixes, it’s best to contact Hisense customer support directly:

  • You can also start a live chat session on their official support site
  • Browse the Support site for additional troubleshooting articles, user manuals, firmware, etc.
  • Under your TV warranty, Hisense can arrange to repair or replace defective components causing hardware issues like flickering screens.

Getting help directly from the manufacturer is recommended if all DIY solutions fail. They have specialized expertise related to fixing Hisense TV problems.

Preventing Future Flickering Issues

Once you’ve solved an initial case of flickering on your Hisense television, you can take these proactive measures to help prevent more screen issues in the future:

  • Routinely check video cables for damage and secure connections. Replace worn HDMI or component cables.
  • Keep TV software updated by checking for system updates monthly. Install updates promptly.
  • Only use reliable surge protectors and avoid electrical interference from other devices.
  • Dust electronics regularly and ensure plenty of ventilation around the TV.
  • Adjust TV picture settings for your specific environment, such as lighting conditions.
  • Maintain a viewing distance at least 2-3 times the diagonal screen size for 4K resolution.

By being vigilant about Hisense TV maintenance and optimal setup conditions, you can minimize problems like annoying screen flickering.

A flickering television can certainly be frustrating. But in many cases, it can be corrected with simple troubleshooting steps like those covered in this guide. Work through these fixes systematically until your Hisense TV displays a steady, flicker-free picture again.

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