Hisense TV Menu Keeps Popping Up: How to Fix?

It can be frustrating when you’re trying to watch your favorite TV show or movie, and the Hisense TV menu keeps randomly popping up. This issue seems to plague many Hisense smart TV owners and can disrupt your viewing experience. Fortunately, you can try a few things to stop the Hisense TV menu from appearing unexpectedly.

What Causes the Hisense TV Menu to Pop Up?

There are a few potential causes for the Hisense TV menu popping up when you don’t want it to:

  • Accidental Button Presses on the Remote Control
  • Proximity Sensor Issue
  • HDMI-CEC Settings
  • Outdated Firmware
  • App Conflicts

How to Stop the Hisense TV Menu from Popping Up

Here are some steps you can take to prevent the Hisense TV menu from randomly showing up when watching TV:

Power Cycle your TV


  • Make sure your TV is turned off by pressing the power button on it or the remote control. The screen should be completely black.
  • Unplug the power cord from the outlet. Don’t just unplug it from the TV. You want to cut power completely.
  • Wait at least 1 minute before plugging the power cord back into the outlet. This gives time for components to discharge fully.
  • Turn your TV back on with the power button and let it boot up completely. All the startup screens should be displayed.

Check the Remote Control

Hisense TV Remote

The first thing to check is that your remote control is not the cause of the problem. Examine the remote for any signs of damage and check that the buttons are not stuck. Try pressing the menu button several times to see if it is temporarily sticking. Also, check for low batteries in the remote.

If the remote seems faulty, you can use the buttons on the TV itself instead or acquire a replacement remote. Also, make sure the remote sensor on the TV is not obstructed.

Switch a Hisense TV from Store Mode to Home Mode

  • For Hisense Android TV models: Go to the Home screen, open Settings, go to Device Preferences, then Usage Mode/Mode, and select Home Mode.
  • For Hisense Google TV models: Go to Settings, select System, go to Advanced System, and toggle off Store Mode.
  • For Hisense VIDAA TVs: Go to Settings, select System, go to Advanced Settings, and disable Store Mode.
  • For Hisense Roku TVs: You can only select the mode when setting up the TV for the first time. To switch to Home Mode, you’ll need to factory reset the TV and select Home Mode during setup.
  • For Hisense Fire TV and XClass models: A factory reset is required to switch from Store Mode to Home Mode since the option is unavailable in the settings.

The key is finding and disabling Store Mode, which makes the TV favor bright picture settings. Switching to Home Mode optimizes the TV for normal viewing environments. Let me know if you need any clarification on the steps!

Disable HDMI-CEC

Disable HDMI CEC control

HDMI-CEC connectivity could trigger the menu pop-ups, especially if you have various gadgets and peripherals connected to the TV.

To rule this out, you will need to access the TV settings and disable HDMI-CEC:

  • Press the Settings button on your remote.
  • Navigate to the CEC settings section. It may be under a heading like Inputs, Connected Devices, or HDMI.
  • Look for an option such as Enable HDMI-CEC and turn it off.
  • You can also try changing HDMI Mode from Auto to Manual.

This prevents HDMI-CEC signals from connected devices from interacting with the TV, potentially causing the menu to appear.

Check Proximity Sensor

Some Hisense smart TVs have a proximity sensor located at the bottom of the TV near the Hisense logo. This is designed to bring up the on-screen menu when it detects nearby motion.

However, a faulty sensor could cause the menu to pop up randomly. Locate the small rectangular sensor on your TV and ensure it is clean and nothing obstructs it.

You can also try disabling the proximity sensor function in the TV settings. Look for an option like a Proximity Sensor and switch it off. This prevents motion from triggering the menu if the sensor is faulty.

Update TV Firmware

Hisense TV System Update

An outdated version of the TV firmware could be behind this irritating menu pop-up. Hisense will periodically release new firmware updates with bug fixes and improvements.

Check if your TV is running the latest firmware:

  • Go to Settings > About > System Update.
  • If an update is available, select Update Now.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to download and install the latest firmware on your TV.

Updating to the newest firmware may resolve any bugs causing the menu to appear inadvertently.

Factory Reset TV

Hisense TV Factory Reset

If all else fails, performing a factory reset can wipe out any bugs or glitches and restore your Hisense TV to its default settings.

Just be aware that this will erase all your custom settings, installed apps, and saved login details. Make sure anything important is backed up first.

To factory reset:

  • Go to Settings > Device Preferences > Factory Reset.
  • Select Reset.
  • Choose Erase Everything to fully reset the TV.

Once the reset is complete, test if the unwanted menu popping up is gone. You’ll then need to reconfigure your TV settings and reinstall apps.

Contact Hisense Support

If you still experience issues with the Hisense TV menu appearing after trying the steps above, it’s best to contact Hisense support. Explain the problem in detail, and they can offer further specialized troubleshooting advice or warranty repair options.

Hisense has online chat, email, and phone support available. When you contact them about the menu issue, have your TV model number and purchase details ready.

Preventing Hisense TV Menu Pop-Ups

Once you’ve stopped the current menu pop-up problem, you can take measures to prevent it from happening again:

  • Be careful where you place the remote control to avoid accidental button presses.
  • Keep the TV proximity sensor clean and unobstructed.
  • Install new Hisense firmware updates as soon as they become available.
  • Use a direct IR remote control instead of relying on HDMI-CEC.
  • Use high-quality HDMI cables to avoid signal issues.
  • Factory reset the TV if apps or connections cause conflicts.

Taking preventative steps will help ensure your Hisense smart TV menu stays in the background and doesn’t interrupt your viewing pleasure.


Having the menu randomly appear during a movie or show can be endlessly annoying. Thankfully, there are some straightforward checks and fixes you can try yourself to stop a Hisense TV menu from popping up unexpectedly.

With some guided troubleshooting, you will hopefully be able to resolve the irritation of a Hisense TV menu popping up when you don’t want it to. You can then enjoy your favorite movies and shows without disruption.

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