Hyper-V: Windows 11 Installation Error when Choosing Gen 2

When you decide to create a virtual machine with Windows 11, Windows 10 or Windows 7, choosing the 2nd generation (Gen2) in the initial parameters, you may encounter an error:

Microsoft Hyper-V UEFI

Virtual Machine Boot Summary

1.SCSIDVD (0,1)
The boot loader failed.

2. Network Adapter (00155D01040E)
A boot image was not found.

3.SCSI Disk (0,0)
The boot loader did not load an operating system.

No operating system was loaded. Your virtual machine may be misconfigured.

Exit and re-configure your VM or click restart to repeat the current boot sequence.

windows 11 Hyper-V Installation Error

Fix: Windows 11 Installation in Hyper-V VM fails.

The error appears when Safe Start is enabled and the inability to read data from ISO at startup.

1. Checking safe startup

Open the settings of the created virtual machine, which was built on the 2nd generation, and go to the ” Security ” item. On the right, uncheck the ” Safe Boot ” checkbox and try restarting the Windows installation.

2. Press Enter

If the first method did not help you, like me, when the message ” Press any key to boot from CD or DVD ” appears, press Enter and the installation of Windows 11 will start without error.

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