How to Improve Audio and Sound Quality in Windows 11

This manual will analyze how you can improve the sound quality of headphones or speakers on a computer or laptop with Windows 11. Considering that you have installed the latest drivers for the audio card, we will improve using sound enhancement, spatial sound, and mono audio.

Improve Audio and Sound Quality in Windows 11

Steps to Improve Audio and Sound Quality in Windows 11

1. Head over to Settings > System > Sound.

2. Find the Mono Audio and turn it on (Mono sound combines the left and proper audio channels to produce a single sound. The system converts stereo sound to a single track, hence the name, mono sound).

3. Choose the headphones or speakers where you want to improve the sound and click on the side arrow.

4. Scroll down and turn on Sound enhancement. This will automatically improve the sound quality.

5. Below that will be Spatial Sound, which makes it feel like the sound is coming from all directions and not from the headphones or speakers themselves. Select the Windows Sonic for Headphones type. This function is well suited for headphones and cannot be used when mono sound is on.

Disable mono audio to use spatial audio.

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