How to Install PIP for Python on Windows 11

PIP is a tool that allows you to install third-party packages and is the default package manager for Python. With PIP, you can install and manage packages not available in the Python standard library. PIP has been included in Python 3 since Python 3.4 and in Python 2 since 2.7.9.

Install PIP on Windows 11

How to check if PIP is installed on Windows 11?

Run CMD as administrator and enter the command:

pip help

If you see that ‘pip’ is not recognised as an internal/external command, operable program/batch file, it is not installed. In other words, if PIP responds, that means PIP is installed. Otherwise, you will see an error saying the program could not be found. Once you are sure that PIP has not been installed, follow the steps below to install PIP on Windows 11.

Steps to Install PIP on Windows 11

Download Python for Windows from the official website.

Once the download is complete, run the setup file.

When installing, click on “Customize installation” and ensure the PIP checkbox is checked.

Now click on ‘Next’ and then proceed with the installation.

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