How to Install RSAT on Windows 11

Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) allows system administrators to manage Windows servers from their computers without logging on to each one individually. In Windows 11, the RSAT tool can be installed additional functions without downloading the executable “.exe” file from the website.

Install RSAT on Windows 11

Steps to Install RSAT on Windows 11

  1. Open Settings > Applications > Additional Components .
  2. In the column for adding additional components, click on ” View functions “.
  3. In the search field, write RSAT and tick the boxes you need, then click next.
  4. That’s it; the RSAT components will be installed automatically.

You can also Install RSAT using PowerShell.

  • To install all RSAT components in Windows 11 using PowerShell, then launch PowerShell as administrator and enter the applet below:
Get-WindowsCapability -Name RSAT * -Online | Add-WindowsCapability –Online
  • If you want to install a specific RSAT tool, you must specify the module name instead of the asterisk *. To check the available modules with names, enter:
Get-WindowsCapability -Name RSAT * -Online | Select-Object -Property Name, State
  • Next, enter the below command with the desired full name
Add-WindowsCapability –online –Name " Rsat.ActiveDirectory.DS-LDS.Tools ~~~~ "

Where can I find the installed RSAT features?

Installed RSAT components on Windows 11 can be found by pressing Win + R and enter

%ProgramData%\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Start Menu\\Programs\\Administrative Tools.

In addition, you can open it through the control panel along the path:

Control Panel \ System and Security \ Windows Tools

Note: You can remove RSAT through the components where we added above. If, when uninstalling RSAT components, there are errors with the inability to uninstall, then boot into safe mode and uninstall.

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