Intel and Huawei to Showcase 5G Interoperability at MWC 2018

Mobile World Congress is just around the corner in Barcelona, and there is news coming from Intel and Huawei about a 5G new radio demo broadcast. Intel just made an announcement they are planning to do the broadcast over the air in collab with Huawei. They are planning to use the all-new 3GPP 5G New Radia non-standalone standards which were set at the end of 2017.

Mr Rob Potol, Intel GM of 5G advanced technologies made an official statement about this to the media. He stated,” It will be a fully compliant connection, and that’s important because since the standard was just voted on in December, obviously there’s only so much time to be able to develop a solution that can support and be fully compliant to every feature in the specifications.”

5g end to end

Photo Credit: ZDNet

Mr Potol further said that Intel is involved with a total of 25 5G trials happening worldwide and it also includes the testing happening in the winter Olympics in South Korea. They have said to use millimetre wave based lengths for 5G connectivity. These trials are mostly Real life related as Intel has said to plan real-life issues of the public.

The announcement from Huawei’s side about their collab with Huawei came back in September, that is the news about their interoperability trials based on 3GPP standards was already known to many.

Huawei is an international telecom company which is currently working and a 5G base station prototype with Intel. As mentioned previously, they are going to test 5G new radio across the sub 6 GigaHertz of the spectrum band. This includes the C-band and the higher range millimetre wave spectrum bands. According to the company’s president, in Beijing, they are already working on C-band, mmWave and various other 5G technologies.

All of this will unfold in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of this month, so we will just have to wait and see how the demonstrating broadcast turns out.


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