Discover 7 Interesting Ways to Use Your iPhone Efficiently

iPhones are known for their aesthetic design, simple interface, and easy-to-use features that make them one of the best phones available today. Using an iPhone gives you an unmatched user experience that is simply unique in different ways. More often than not, users find difficulties in using their iPhone smoothly, and that’s when easy troubleshooting tips help in fixing common issues. The article enumerates some of the most efficient tips that can fix iPhone troubles and improves your device performance manifolds.

Use Your iPhone Efficiently

1. Use Backspace in Calculator

If you are one of the users who spend most of their time using the Calculator app, you might have noticed how frustrating it is when you have typed a wrong digit and can’t backspace it. To get rid of this problem, you need to swipe left or right on the screen.

This gesture will act as backspace and will delete your last entered digit. As an extra feature, you can also rotate your screen into landscape mode while working on the Calculator app. This will help you explore many additional functions.

2. Change Wallpaper Automatically

If you get bored of seeing the same wallpaper on your screen all the time, this tip is for you. You can tweak your iPhone settings to let it change the wallpaper automatically to get an immersive user experience.

Download your favourite wallpapers from a legitimate resource, or you can even use your image album if you wish. You can set iPhone wallpaper to change automatically by enabling personal automation using the Shortcuts app. It also allows you to set a schedule while tweaking personal automation for more customization.

3. Clean Your Phone Regularly

We all know how many images we are storing on our phones and how many of them are actually needed. But we do not bother to delete these unnecessary files, which only slow down the device over time. The same goes with other digital devices such as MacBook, and clearing other storage becomes essential.

Now, if you are wondering what’s system data, it is a location on your computer that stores system-generated junk such as temporary files, cache, and more. Deleting other storage on your iPhone and computer is important to speed up the device and get the best performance.

4. Use iPhone as Magnifier Lens

Did you know your iPhone can even become a magnifier lens for you? The feature can be useful for people who have difficulty reading small text.

When you are reading a newspaper or instructions on the carton where the fonts are too small to read, even for people with normal eyesight, turn your iPhone into a magnifying lens.

iPhone as Magnifier Lens

Use Magnifier to turn your phone into a magnifying glass so that you can view the content by zooming in on the object. Go to Settings, tap Accessibility, select Magnifier, and turn it on. Drag the slider and adjust the magnification levels as required.

5. Stop Automatically Play Videos

Auto-play video in safari is one of the most distracting things in iPhones, particularly when you are working on an urgent project. Apart from distracting users, these videos also consume more battery energy and internet data. So stop them from auto-playing before they consume all your mobile data limitations.

To disable this feature on iPhone running iOS 15, go to Settings, tap Accessibility, click on Motion, and toggle the switch to turn off Auto-Play Video Previews. This will stop the videos from playing automatically when you are browsing the websites or visiting any app.

6. Activate Voice Assistant on Hey Siri

Siri is your personal assistant on the iPhone that enables you to open apps, call a contact, play music, and handle many other tasks remotely. You don’t have to carry your phone all the time to perform various tasks. But Siri can activate accidentally, which can be annoying, especially when you are in a meeting or sleeping.

voice Assistant on Hey Siri

To prevent such annoying situations, the iPhone allows you to interact with Siri the way you want by tweaking settings. Navigate to iPhone Settings and tap Siri & Search, then toggle the switch associated with Listen to Hey Siri to enable it. You can also disable the option that tells Allow Siri When Locked so that it won’t activate automatically.

7. Back Up Your iPhone Data

Last But not least, backup your iPhone data regularly so that you can restore your files, images, videos, and other data in the event of data loss. You can sync data with iCloud, but 5 GB may not be sufficient, particularly when you are using multiple Apple devices on a single Apple ID.

You may even sign up for other cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or One Drive to store important data. Alternatively, move your important data to a Mac computer and then archive your old files to an external storage drive.

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