iOS 15.7 Problems and Bug Fixes: Everything you need to know

iOS 15 is the fifteenth version of the iOS operating system developed by Apple for its iPhone. It arrives as the successor to iOS 14. The update was released to the public on September 20. But it’s not the end of the fifteenth version. Apple is continually developing their iOS 15 through points update. Now the latest build is iOS 15.7. Here we will discuss iOS 15 – 15.7 problems and bugs.

iOS 15.4 Problems

Here is the list of iOS 15.7 problems

September 12, 2022: Apple has released iOS 15.7, which is aimed at those who are not able to upgrade to ‌iOS 16‌. 

iOS 15.7 brings the following bug fixes:

  • iPhone 7 Users running iOS 15.7.1 are facing apps stuck and bugs in the reminders app.
  • After updating iPhone 11 to iOS 15.7, users are facing issues with some apps. They are not being able to sign in.
  • There is an issue with iOS 15.7 update where apps are not getting updated.

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March 31: iOS 15.4.1 update is out to the public worldwide with bug fixes.

iOS 15.4.1 brings the following bug fixes:

  • The battery may drain more quickly than expected after updating to iOS 15.4.
  • Braille devices may become unresponsive while navigating text or displaying an alert.
  • Made for iPhone/iPad, hearing devices may lose connection within some third-party apps.

The iOS 15.4.1 update carries build number 19E258. In order to update your iPhone to iOS 15.4.1, head over to the Settings App> General> Download and Install.

We will soon add all user-reported iOS 15.4.1 problems here.

March 15: iOS 15.4 final build is now out. Users are complaining about several iOS 15.4 problems, which include

  • Storage problem (via).
  • Issues with lag and animations (via).
  • Facing rapid battery drain issue (via).
  • The notification center is not showing up properly (via).
  • Stock apps are not in notifications (via).
  • When the Apple Music app is on a cellular network, it stops playing (via).
  • Call failure and heating issues (via).
  • Battleground Mobile India game is getting very lag (via).
  • The wide and telephoto lens’ does not switch when in photo or video mode (via).
  • Can not use Siri for typing and can’t share something such as Photos, Video link documents to another application (via).

January 27: iOS 15.4 Beta is now live.

Note: Below problems appeared with the beta version of iOS 15.4.

  • Email address verification may not be complete during the set-up of an iCloud+ Custom Email Domain on iOS.
  • The Health app crashes when you attempt to onboard the Blood Oxygen feature from within the app.
  • If Health sharing is skipped when setting up an Apple Watch for a family member, it can’t be enabled later.
  • The pairing of Thread accessories isn’t supported.
  • Matter accessories with multiple endpoints might be unreachable in the Home App.
  • Matter accessories may go to a “No Response” state after pairing with the Home App.
  • Adding a Matter accessory to a third-party app fails if an Apple Home doesn’t exist.
  • Purchasing or downloading the content again from the iTunes Store and TV app might fail on some devices.
  • A conversation transcript won’t scroll after viewing a photo in QuickLook.
  • Emergency SOS “Call with 5 Presses” is disabled for all users outside of India to fix an issue that caused this setting to unintentionally default for some users.

Note: These are known iOS 15.4 issues and bugs per the official release note. We are now collecting a variety of iOS 15.4 problems raised by iPhone users.

Some users reported iOS 15.4 (beta) problems include:

  • When we scan a QR Code using the camera app, it opens the Health app, but when we press the Add button, it says it is impossible.
  • It appears the ESPN app is broken and won’t load on the latest beta.
  • Bug with Game Center: When we open up the Star Wars galaxy of heroes, it is prompted to log into Game Center. Doing so from settings shows errors.
  • Facing unexpected restart.
  • Battery life seems to be much worse on iPhone 13 Pro compared to iOS 15.3.
  • Some calls cannot be heard by the other party if the caller is using AirPod 3 before the call init.
  • Initial streaming to Sonos Beam via AirPlay is a lot slower.
  • The wifi connection is so slow.
  • The storage bug was NOT present in the 15.3 public release, but it is present in iOS 15.4.
  • Wireless CarPlay is now broken after updating to 15.4.
  • AirPrint doesn’t work. Print preview is blank most of the time.

iOS 15.4 bug fixes

iOS 15.4 comes with several bug fixes; one such highlighted fix is that third-party applications will now display animations at a 120Hz refresh rate when using the iPhone 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max. Earlier, iPhone 13 Pro’s 120Hz refresh rate was locked at 60Hz for some third-party apps.


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