These iPad tips & tricks will help you explore the device

iPads come in handy when you need a compact device than the MacBook and a bigger screen than the iPhones. Plus, they are, to date, Apple’s most affordable product that users in all categories, from students to professionals, can easily purchase.

iPads run on iPadOS, which features an easy-to-use interface and hundreds of productivity features. Whether you are using the iPad for watching movies or typing a document, the latest operating system version iPadOS 15, gives you a great user experience.

If you are new to the iPad and want to explore its features for effective usability, here are some tips to keep you going.

iPad Tips & Tricks

7 best iPad tips and tricks in 2022

1. Split Keyboard

If you find it difficult to hold the iPad with both hands and then type in the message, this tip is for you. The split keyboard feature in the iPad enables you to type using your thumbs.

To enable the split keyboard feature, navigate to Settings, tap General, and click on Keyboard. Toggle the button towards the right available next to the Split Keyboard option.

2. Print a Document

You may need to print from an iPad if you are storing important notes, images, or screenshots of academic material. If you are new to the iPadOS and thinking about how to print from iPad, you need a thorough understanding of the process.

You can open a file and can print it straight away from the iPad without moving it to the MacBook or other Apple devices. To get started, you need to connect a wireless printer and enable the AirPrint feature.

Make sure that your printer is AirPrint enabled; else, it will not connect and will not show up in the list of connected devices. Before you initiate the print command, check that the printer and the iPad are connected to the same internet connection.

3. Enable Focus Mode

Focus mode, as the name indicates, enables you to focus more on your work by enabling the right mode that suits your current activity.

To enable Focus Mode on the iPad, go to the Settings, and click Focus. Select the most appropriate focus mode, such as Do Not Disturb, Sleep, or Personal.

After selecting the Focus, select Allowed Notifications, Focus Status, or Time Sensitive Notifications. Based on the selected Focus mode, the notifications on your iPad will activate or deactivate.

4. Set Up Widgets

The tiny app-like graphical elements, Widgets, are known to simplify your work. You don’t have to sift through the iPad to enable, disable, or set up a feature; instead, use Widgets to make the things happen on the compact screen.

To enable Widgets, long-press anywhere on the empty area of your iPad’s Home Screen. Next, tap the Add button, select a widget from the list of options, select the size of the widget by swapping through left or right, and select Add Widget. At last, click Done, and the selected widget will be added to the iPad’s Home Screen.

5. Use iPad as an Extended Screen

If you are looking for some productivity-boosting tips, then this one’s for you. Make multitasking easier by setting up your iPad as an extended second monitor to the MacBook. Apart from using it as a second display, you can also use your iPad for mirroring.

To set up the iPad as an extended display, make sure that the MacBook and iPad are signed in to iCloud using the same Apple ID. It is a prerequisite that you need to fulfil.

Now, navigate to the Control Center and, click the Display menu, select the iPad from the list of displayed options. Next, move the pointer over the Full-Screen button and choose to move the window to the iPad display.

6. Share Safari Tabs Across Apple Devices

Sync capabilities across Apple devices are outstanding, and you can retrieve the best out of all devices using the rich operating system features. One significant feature is that iCloud syncs Safari tabs on iPads, iPhones, and other Apple devices running on the same Apple ID.

To enable the feature, navigate to the Settings on your iPad, click on your user name, and select iCloud. Next, go to the Apple menu on Mac, tap System Preferences, click Apple ID, select iCloud, and turn on Safari.

7. Record iPad Screen

While playing Roblox or any other game, you might want to record your iPad screen with sound. You can record the screen using the native app without downloading any professional tool.

To record your iPad screen, navigate to the Settings, click Control Center, and click the + icon available next to Screen Recording. Open Control Center, and select the screen record icon displayed as a circle within another circle. Wait for a few seconds and let the recording start.

When you need to stop the recording, go to the Control Center, click on the red status bar or the screen record icon, and select Stop. If you are finding difficulty in recording the iPad screen, you may need to update the iOS operating system version.

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