iPhone 5G: We will have two 5G supported iPhones in 2020

5G is the new buzz around the globe and where many manufacturers are pushing out 5G variants of their already launched flagship models, Apple takes a different route. Rather than pushing an iPhone 5G variant of the iPhone X or iPhone XR, Apple is planning to introduce 5G phones altogether in the year 2020, when their next series phones are expected to launch.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a report saying that Apple will launch three devices next year but only two of them will have support for 5G. Moreover, he further added that all these phones will come with OLED panels. So the shift from LCD to OLED for Apple will be a permanent one starting from next year.

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iPhone 5G Specifications & Features

Now as far as the different screen sizes are concerned, as per the report we will have two premium offerings with 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch displays, and one lower priced 6.1-inch model. All these models will have OLED displays. As mentioned previously about only two devices providing support for 5G, the 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch models will have 5G modems on board while the more affordable 6.1-inch model will have our traditional 4G support modems on board.

As per the leaks, this smaller display iPhone will probably be the successor to the iPhone XS. Now, 5.4-inch is definitely a downgrade in display size from the already available 5.8-inch iPhone XS model. On the other hand, there has been no iPhone hitting the 6.7-inch mark before. The only device close to it is the iPhone XS Max. So when XS will see a shrink in display size in its successor, the iPhone XS Max will get an increasing bump from 6.5-inch to 6.7-inch.

Now for 5G support, these 2020 models will support both sub-6Ghz and mmWave technology. Since this is the first time Apple is moving towards 5G, so it will feature only as a premium offering. We will probably see 2021 iPhone series models all come with support for 5G. Kuo further added that Apple will have a working 5G modem by the year 2022 hits our calendars. Until then Apple will rely on Qualcomm and Broadcom for the necessary 5G components along with the RF power amplifiers.

No internal hardware details have been reported by Kuo as of now regarding the 2020 iPhone models. This is all we know for certain about the upcoming 5G iPhones.

When will the 5G Supported iPhones be released?

Rumours suggest that iPhone 5G will launch at the annual September hardware event in 2020. It will go on sale around two weeks after the release date.

iPhone 5G Price

As of now, Apple has not announced anything officially. However, we expect that the price for 5G-enabled iPhones will start at $1350 and go up for additional storage.

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