How to Create Live Tiles Widgets in Windows 11

Windows 10 has a Live Tiles feature that displays the information you want on the app widget in the start menu. Microsoft removed live tiles in Windows 11, and in our opinion, this is bad since it was convenient to receive minimal information from the application without launching it.

Live Tiles Anywhere is an app that helps you create live tiles in Windows 11 and Windows 10 on your desktop. You can create and customize fully-fledged live tiles by pinning them to the taskbar and start menu only in Windows 10. But those applications with Live Tiles can be made a live widget and placed on the Windows 11 desktop. Windows 11 cannot pin Live Tiles to the Start menu as Windows 10 does.

Create Live Tiles Widgets

Create Live Tiles in Windows 11 Using Live Tiles Anywhere

1 . You must visit the Microsoft Store and install Live Tiles Anywhere.

2 . Open the app and tap on Create a new custom file to create the widget profile.

3 . Choose Element to execute and click on This app on the right, where select Installed app. Next, the Pick an app button will appear below.

4 . Select applications from the list and click Save.

5 . At the top, click on Save and Save and close to save and exit.

6 . A live tile will appear in the application editor itself. Right-click on it and select Create a widget so that it appears on the desktop. Alternatively, you can pin to the Start menu by clicking on Pin to the Start menu.


The application perfectly creates live tiles as an application widget on the desktop in Windows 11 and 10. Pin the start menu to the start screen, the best will be in Windows 10, but in Windows 11, the widget pictures will change, but not so complete. In addition, this application has various setting options that you can try. I think the developer will soon improve his Live Tiles Anywhere program, which will allow better use for Windows 11.

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