How to Make a User an Administrator in Windows 11

When you create a second account in Windows 11, a default local account without administrator rights will be made. An account with administrator rights has more privileges in the system than the standard one. This guide will explain how to change the account type in Windows 11 to change the user from a standard account to an administrator.

User an Administrator in Windows 11

Note: The methods described below will work for both local and Microsoft accounts. Also, to change the type from standard to admin, you must perform the steps below with an administrator account, but we will explain how to do this without administrator rights.

Steps to Make a user an administrator in Windows 11

  • Go to Settings > Accounts > Family & Others .
  • Click on a user in the list to expand the properties.
  • Next, ” Change the type of account .”
  • In the new window, select ” Administrator ” and click OK.

Change User Account Type Though netplwiz

  • On Windows 11, press the Win + R key combination and type netplwiz.
  • Select the desired user and click on “Properties” below.
  • In the new tab, go to the “Group Membership” tab.
  • Set the value to “Administrator” and apply.

Change admin using CMD

Run Command Prompt as Administrator and enter the below commands.

net users – displays a list of all users.

net localgroup Administrators “Account name” /add – the selected user will be added to admins.

net localgroup Administrators “Account Name” /delete – will be removed from regular users.

Make a default administrator account without being an administrator

If suddenly, for some reason, you cannot log into the administrator account to change the type of account, then there is one method for doing this.

  1. Create an installation USB drive with Windows 11.
  2. Start the installation and press Shift + F10 for laptops Fn + Shift + F10 on the choice of language.
  3. This will launch the command line with the correct privileges.
  4. Enter the above command into the CMD window.

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